Good News!

I suck at blogging, luckily I don’t blog for likes or money so there is no pressure to update. Not much has been going on lately, I haven’t really been doing any training, as everything I have to train for is so far off. My housemate is currently training for a half marathon in March so I’ve been going along with her on training runs and although it’s slower than my comfortable half marathon pace, it’s helpful to be taken back a little bit so I don’t over exert myself and have to stop multiple times in each run.

Well good news is I’ve earned my first medal. That’s right, 3 weeks into the new year and I’ve got the ball rolling…

On Saturday the 21st. My Housemate and I participated in the RunThrough 10k at Battersea Park. It’s was an interesting day for a few reasons:

  1. It’s was COLD, I’m not used to training or running in the cold yet. We arrived early so waited around a bit, meaning we were colder.
  2. It was my first small event, there were still quite a few people, and it was professionally organised but it was no where near the scale of Disney/Royal Parks.
  3. I got to meet someone (briefly) that I connected with over Instagram and Facebook, thanks to running. She is lovely and is also interested in running at Disneyland Paris this year (can we have a date for bibs already please).

Here’s a Pictures of my Medal: 

Here is the breakfast I enjoyed afterwards:

My second piece of good news is… I GOT THE LULULEMON RUNNING BAG! I haven’t used it yet but I will be trying it out this week and let you know my thoughts!

This post really is about good news, and this may be the biggest one of the week…


Ok, so I actuallly booked the holiday at the end of last year, but now that I have booked the races I feel like everything is coming together and I’m super excited.

I will be doing the Wine & Dine 5k + Challenge (which is 10k & Half marathon)… that’s 3 days, 3 races and lots of fun. This might be the most money I’ve every spent on a race or a holiday for that fact but I’m so happy because it’s been my dream for a while and become more apparent in the past few years and since running. I’m happy that I’ve managed to secure a great job and income to make my dreams come true for myself without having to depend on anyone else.

You may see some updates throughout the year with my plans etc so watch this space.

My last bit of good news pairs with my last piece. I’ve used social media to connect with runners and have made so many new runner friends through Facebook groups and Instagram. It’s great to connect with them and get advice from them about my trip and race bookings.

I’m hopeful I can meet some internet friends on my trips this year.

So if you are reading this and planning on running the Wine & Dine races in Florida or the races in Paris this year, let’s connect. I’m always happy to meet other runners and Disney fans!



Happy New Year!

I am back blogging, and keeping you updated on my fitness journey. Since finishing the Royal Parks half marathon back in October I have been relaxing from the fitness goals and having lots of fun. I have continued to run and do some aerial but I haven’t had anything to work towards in terms of fitness goals.

My fitness journey last year was challenging but so rewarding and has left me hungry for more, so here I am back to set some goals for 2017.


Sounds a bit simple right? but sometimes it’s easy to neglect what makes you feel good.

In 2016 my highlights involved spending time with friends and family and making amazing memories. I plan to do so much more of this, because right now I can’t get enough of my friends and family, they are all amazing, they have really made the last year one of my best yet!

I also need to connect with the smaller things that make me happy, a certain song or even visiting a certain cafe, just having time to myself and really connecting with the little things I often take for granted.

The whole reason I started this blog was to track my progress to my first two big races! It was a success and I think I finally caught the running bug, I’ve seen so many benefits mentally and physically that entering races has done for me I thought “why not do a few more?”.

I loved my run in Disneyland Paris and I was jealous of everyone competing in more than one race and doing challenges, so this year as they have introduced a 10k I will hopefully be securing a place to run the two course challenge. Details are limited at this time and bib only places have not been released yet so I’m keeping my fingers crossed for a place and will hopefully cross the finish line once again in one of my favourite places on earth.

I will also be trying to get a place for the Wine & Dine Half Marathon 2017 in Walt Disney world Florida. Its been a long time dream to visit WDW and now I finally have an excuse. Planning for this has already started.

Last year I impressed myself but running continuously for 2:13:34 and getting much better times in both my half marathons than I originally thought I would when I started this blog. This year I would like to get under 2 hours and 10 minutes. I would be chuffed if I could do that.

I want to try a new form of exercise and mix up my work out plan a bit.This might be trying a new aerial discipline or checking out a fancy class in a London Gym, I have a whole year but I’d like to see what else is out there. Maybe review a few classes? Who knows!

I would also like to try some new foods and learn some new go-to recipes.

This past year, I have had difficult times trying to keep my head above water. For the most part I have had an amazing year but there have been times where anxiety has taken over some of the best moments and put a dark cloud over them. I have often been criticised for being too negative so this year like all others I will continue to look on my own person outlook. I think I am a lot more positive than I was 4-5 years ago, I just need to strengthen and maintain this. Mental Health is just as important as Physical Health.

I look forward to connecting with you all via this platform in the next year. Please don’t hesitate to comment below or contact me  if you have a question to ask or advice to give, I’m all ears (mouse ears).


Paris in a Day

Oh Paris! What a beautiful city.

This is my second trip to Paris, both trips have been primarily about Disneyland so I haven’t had much opportunity to explore. Regardless I made the most of my Day in Paris.

I left London at 9:17am via Eurostar from London St Pancras to Gare du Nord station. After a 1 hr Delay we finally arrive shortly before 1:30pm. It’s annoying to loose an hour when you have a well planned Itinerary and lots of stuff you want to see.

Once we arrived in Paris we headed to Trocedéro station and from there (well right around the corner) we were graced with the amazing view of the Eiffel Tower. I have seen the Eiffel tower before by night and got to go up it too. I was happy to see it in the day and see it from a different view and get some good photos.

From there we walked to the Arc de Triomphe. We didn’t walk up because we had suitcases and I wasn’t going to exert myself before running a Half Marathon. From there we roamed around the Champs-Élysées area, and stopped of for Coffee and Macaroons at Laudrée. I have to say I’m not a Macaroon fan, but I tried them and they were OK, just not my thing.

From there we mooched around and few shops – Hello Sephora, it was so hard not to spend all my money right there and then. I can’t wait till they open in London.

From there we took a long walk down to the Louvre and enjoyed the views along the way, that completed our pit stop tour of Paris.

We jumped on the Train to Disneyland Paris, and picked up my Race Packet.

EEEEEK! Race Recap coming soon…



Throwback Thursday… Disneyland Paris.

Last Year I visited Disneyland Paris, it was my first and only Disney Parks Experience. Till then I didn’t realise how much of a Disney fan I was.


We went at the beginning of March. Me and my friend Charlotte, who’d been a few times and was a great tour guide. We arrived in Paris on a Sunday morning, checked into the Radisson Blu hotel  and spent the afternoon seeing the sights of Paris!

Our hotel was amazing, we got a really great deal! I was so amazed how close everything is in the Disneyland Paris area. We excitingly went to bed early on the Sunday night, ready for two full days in the Disneyland Paris parks.


I loved everything about the parks. The highlights of the trip were the Parade and the Fireworks.

My favourite rides were the Tower of Terror and the finding Nemo ride. We went on them so many times.

The only character we met was Mickey, we saw others around but was too shy to go up to them or they were too busy.

My only dispointment was that I didn’t stay in a Disney themed hotel and I’m gutted I won’t be staying in one for the Half Marathon weekend either (we are doing it on the cheap again). I think staying in a Disney hotel will be an experience I will save for my future trip to Florida.

I’m looking forward to going to all the other parks in the future.