2017: My year in review

My 2017 best nine. Lots of running, lots of partying, lots of fantastic moments spent with friends.

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Weekly Update: Filled with Colour.

Week: 5th-11th June.

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Weekly Update: 6th – 12th June

Hello, hello, hello! 🙂

This week I’ve had a nice little routine going on which I hope to continue going forward.


Monday after walking to work, I ran home with my work buddy. We did the same course as last week and did our 5k in 33 minutes. We stopped less and dodged a lot more people on the busy south bank.


Rest Day – Still walked to and from work though!


My Work buddy let me down for today’s run, so I just took the long route running home and managed 4 miles in 45 mins, it was slower pace but was comfortable and I barely stopped.


Rest Day… are you starting to see the pattern yet?


I ran home by myself again, I stopped after 5km though, but did it in 33 mins. I could do so much better if the streets of London weren’t filled with slow walkers.


Saturday I rested, and Sunday I did The Color Run… It was so much fun and I was so happy I did it. I’m thinking about doing another one in September, so if any one wants to join my team, let me know!

Overall was a good running week, was good to have a bit more structure in the week, and running home gave me more free time than I would have if I had gotten home and then went for a run. Unfortunately this week I have felt a little unwell all week but I think I did a good job of fighting through that… I blame the poxy British weather we are having!




The Color Run

I just completed the happiest 5k.

After a McDonald’s (whoops) and a long old walk to the start line I did my first organised 5k run.

I had always planned on running it, however after seeing the weather forecast I decided I wasn’t going to run it as it was going to be really bad rain. BUT when we got there the sun was out and it was dry and we started running!

We thought we would just see how it goes and ended up running nearly the entire course! We didn’t time ourselves but we think it only took half an hour and it’s seemed very short. If it was actually a full 5k then I am very impressed with my efforts. Me and Stacy (the blonde) ran it whilst the others (Alex, Lauren and Suelyn) walked and were about half an hour behind us (at least).

When we got to the end we had some pictures and a colour throw and headed back south of the river for a street party with loads of pimms with our lovely macs on so we didn’t get paint all over the tube.

I had such a fun day and understand what people mean when they say the day pulls you through. It’s given me more confidence for running the half marathons later this year (I think I’m a lot fitter than I sometimes give myself credit for). Roll on the next one…

My Running Goals…

This year I currently have 3 running events to look forward to. I am not a runner, but I am enthusiastic about other kinds of fitness. I am looking forward to these events but I am nervous as they will be a new experience and very challenging for me physically and mentally.

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