2017: My year in review

My 2017 best nine. Lots of running, lots of partying, lots of fantastic moments spent with friends.

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Mental Health awareness week

Hi All,
Today I’m posting something a little different.
Mental Health Awareness Week 2017 is taking place this week, between Monday May 8 โ€“ Sunday 14, so I thought I would talk to you a little about my life and experiences and how my running journey has helped with this.

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Ready, set, GO!

My Name is Megan and I’m 24 Years old

At this point I would like to disclose that I do not consider myself a writer, and I apologise in advance for any mistakes or poor writing skills.

I am starting this blog primarily to document my journey to my First ever Half Marathon. I am a person who has spent many unhappy years fighting with body confidence and self esteem, and slowly but surely I’ve managed to piece myself back together from a pretty low point. It’s seems like the natural step to set myself a challenge.

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