Weekly Update: Quick check in.

Hello All, for anyone that’s interested I thought I’d give a quick update. 

Since Disneyland Paris I’ve really struggled to get into the routine of training for Wine & Dine. I’ve been run down and ill for a lot of the time and just not managed as much training as I would like. I’ve still run on the weekends but haven’t done much else besides the planned 10k’s I’ve done. 

I ran the Brixton 10k on Sunday with Emma and had such fun. I’m glad we had this planned as otherwise I don’t think I would have had the motivation. 

I have one more full weekend at home before going to Florida the following weekend. I’m going to try and get in a longer run, maybe 10 miles but I’m not pushing myself to hard as things haven’t been great. I know I can do the miles, and this will be the holiday of a lifetime so I want to enjoy it as best as possible and not injure or exhaust myself beforehand. Once I’m home from Orlando I plan to get training again as I have a half Marathon on the 2nd December and then I will start my 20 weeks training to the London Marathon. 


Weekly Update: Shoreditch 10k

Hi Everyone,

I really hope you’ve all had a good week.

I haven’t managed much running since being back from Disneyland Paris, with only 5km last Sunday. This week I have been to Aerial Twice, one class and one practice evening and I finally nailed a move I’d been trying to do for weeks, and got time to make up a little routine.

On the weekend I made the mistake of having one too many drinks on saturday night, with a 10k race the following day.

On Sunday I ran/walked the Adidas City Runs Shoreditch 10k. I’m not a massive fan of Shoreditch, it’s not a place I hang out often at all. Despite being painfully hungover and feeling pretty rough from a bad week generally I soldiered on. I started with Emma & Leah but stopped to walk a couple of times. I love running with other people but I don’t want to feel like a burden so I don’t mind them running on. I eventually caught up with Leah again and we finish together at 1:10:17, definitely not my best time.

Understandably I was hungover this day, however this race was still terrible for me. It was all a big marketing scheme for Adidas, there weren’t any bibs, just numbers printed on t-shirts. There was no individuality, no fun race costumes, personal messages or names on an array on race tops. No this was just a sea of blue top, on a boring route, with too many Hazards and poor marshaling. The medal was better than expected, but still not good in comparison to my Disney bling. I won’t be eagerly signing up for the next one that’s for sure.


After the run we went over to Royal Parks and met some other runners smashing the course over there – I’m a little bit jealous of their race. As much as don’t like the medal for Royal Parks the route for this is FANTASTIC. Check out my post from last year.

Mentally this hasn’t been a great week for me, I spent Sunday evening resting, relaxing and eating lots of food and thinking about what I want to get out of this hobby in the future.

I’ve been saying for a while that I want to run for time again. I’ve spent a while running with others, and as much as love running with other people and the running community, I seemed to have lost myself and my goals in the meantime. I’m planning on doing another half marathon before the year is out but unless someone can pace me I will be doing it alone. I want to push myself and see what I can do before the year is out.

My 2017 goals still stand, and I have plenty of time to complete them still. I just have to focus on my own goals for a bit a try not to loose myself in what’s going on with other people. I can still do this and support my friends but selfishly I have to put me first for a while.


Weekly Update: Lazy week.

Hello, this is a delayed weekly Update because if I’m honest I have been the laziest person around this past week.

I’ve been in a mental health slump and physically had no motivation to get out and go. I’ve binged eaten so much and feel like total crap for it… and to top it all off I have a cold, three days before my next race. Help.

I honestly haven’t done much the past week. I went to aerial last Tuesday and Runthrough’s chase the sun on Wednesday. That is all the exercise I have done. I don’t feel bad for not having done anything but I don’t feel like I’m best prepared for my upcoming races anymore.

On Tuesday I went to my usual aerial clas which I love. My teacher is very supportive but it’s not the same when I haven’t got Krissi and Laura with me. They are supportive, motivational and make the class a hell of a lot more fun!

On Wednesday I was having what can only be described as the worst day, without going into too much detail my mental health hasn’t been the best, I know why and I’m trying to deal with it the best I know how.  Everything just got on top of me this day/week, regardless I made my way to chase the sun for Lizzie’s birthday run. It was a big turn out and lots of fun, it definitely brightened up my day. I ran with Leah & Jo and did a great 5km.

On Sunday I went along to the London Duathlon to cheer on Daz, who was running/cycling the ultra route. He absolutely smashed it. I was amazed at his strength and determination even though he was injured half way through. He smashed some pb’s and finished strong and I had a great time cheering!

It’s not been a great week for me personally but I’ve been able to support other people which has helped keep my mind off other things and inspired me to push myself a little more. I’m going to try and get in a short run before my weekend at Disney.

Weekly update: Goals, Goals, Goals.

Hello Everyone 😊

It’s been my first full week using my Garmin… verdict is: I LOVE IT. It’s taking time to get used to but I get to add new records for myself. I had an issue with my Nike App where the achivments weren’t accurate and updating my PB’s. So I’m starting fresh. I’ll list my new times to beat at the bottom of this post.

I’ve racked up a few runs this week, I’ve used this week as a practise for Disneyland Paris. I know I won’t get my best times in Disney because it’s going to be fun and magically and it’s not about time for me. So this was a good practise and a push to see what I can do. Previously I had run 12.5 miles so I knew I had it in me to do the half distance.

On Tuesday I went to Aerial, it was really good and I worked hard. I finally managed to brave the wraps enough to get into a triple drop I’ve always wanted to do, only once I got up there had a panic attack and walked it back down. I tried again, I sat for a good couple of minutes wrapped at the top, having another panic attack. This time I sat there and breathed it out until I felt a bit better… then I went for it. I am so proud of myself! I can’t wait to try it again!

So I get a lot of comments on my aerial videos, and a lot of people saying that wouldn't be able to do it if they tried etc… so here is a realistic video. . . . Video 1 – me having a minor panic attack for the second time before trying a drop I've been wanting to do for ages. I'm not particularly scared to throw myself into drops but I just panicked and I felt like I couldn't breathe and I was going to pass out. This happened on the try before and I walked it out. I have an amazing teacher who is very supportive and encouraging and stuck with me while I had a moment. . . . Video 2 – moments later I mustered up the courage and I did it. It's not perfect BUT I FUCKING DID IT. I've finally built myself up enough to get into this move let alone drop and I've only bloody gone and done it after all that. This is the reason I started doing aerial 4 years ago and this is the reason I still do it. Because when you feel like you can't your body shows you that you can!

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On Wednesday I packed my stuff and went to work hoping to run home, where I had packed quickly I had forgotten my bottoms and ended up walking home. I pushed myself to get dressed and go out for a quick 5k. It was a a really good run and a really good time.

I rested on Thursday ready for an intense weekend. I planned to do my 5k, 10k, and Half on the consecutive days.

On Friday I got up early and ran 5k before work, my stomach wasn’t feeling too good so I took it slower than Wednesday but it was still a good time, and a very good time for the upcoming race.

On Saturday morning I met up with Emma & Leah to run the 10k at Clapham Common. Emma had in mind she would like to get as close to 1hr20mins as possible and we were there to support this. We were very luckily joined by the delightful Lizzie and Martin. Who stayed with us the whole run. Martin set the pace up front with Leah whilst Emma and I stuck behind. Lizzie being her awesome self, floated between each of us and motivated and supported amazingly. She is such an amazing person and so very wise, I love spending time with her and always feel like I’ve learnt something when I’m with her. She went on later that day to absolutely smash her long run!

Emma absolutely smashed her goal and finished in 1:15:27!

Me & Leah grabbed breakfast afterwards at Gails (might be a tradition starting).

On Sunday morning my aim was to wake up at 5:30am but I was lazy and got up a little later, by the time I got dressed I left my house at 6:30am for my Long run. My training plan said to do 14 miles. My goal was to get to a half marathon at least and then walk the rest. THIS RUN WAS HARD. Miles 4-7 were a struggle so I refuelled for a bit and then continued on. My pace picked itself back up and I got to Vauxhall at 13.1 miles. My old record was 2:13:34 for a half marathon (at a race though) and today I managed a running time of 2:08:16. I am so pleased with myself. Had it been a better day there would have been less stopping and starting but I think I did well considering body wise this wasn’t the best day for me.



I stopped my watch after the half and started it again whilst I walked/crawled home. I was greeted with a cup of tea and then I stretched and jumped into a hot bath.

This week has been exhausting but great, I’m so glad I managed to do these practise runs and stuck to my plan!

So my current new records look like this. I’m looking forward to pushing myself in the future to beat these!

Hope everyone has had a great week! Well done to all those who have raced this week and those who smashed their runs too.

Weekly Update: Unproductive

With the bank holiday throwing me off my routine, and life getting in the way this hasn’t been a productive week so I’ll keep this short. 

On Tuesday I went to aerial, it was good to have our regular teacher back and the class died down abit and isn’t so busy so we had plenty of time on the slings and also got to play around in a net as well.

I didn’t run all week because I couldn’t be bothered quite frankly and know I will regret it but I can’t change that now. 

I brought a Garmin forerunner 235 on a bank holiday weekend deal and wanted to test it out this weekend.

I met up with Emma & Leah for a nice little run around Wimbledon common on Saturday morning. As next week is Emma’s first 10k race in a long time, me and Leah are supporting her through it. I like running with other people even if it’s at their pace, and despite this not being the fastest run it was definitely fun. Emma showed great strength to go on when she didn’t really want to keep moving. She kept saying let’s get to this many Km’s and then walk, but kept going till about 8-9km before walking. We had brunch after at Gails which was delicious.

I’ve spent a lot of this past week and a bit doing as a 26 year old should do and socialising a bit. I love being at home and lazing around but often feel I should make more effort to go out. Safe to say this week I’ve done a lot of that. I’ve drank ALOT this week more than I usually do and feel like rubbish for doing so. I have another friends party next weekend which I will have a couple of drinks at but apart from the one occasion I’m going to cut it back (as I did same time last year). August-September is always a heavy month of things going on for me, so I always feel rubbish going into the beginning of September feeling like my body is mostly made up of alcohol. I do not need it to have a good time, and I mainly drink to not feel socially akward and to feel more confident I guess. I do not feel like I’m contributing to my goal of “being a better version of myself” if I am drinking all the time. Also I hate hangovers and I don’t like having next day anxiety over what I do when I’m drinking, it sucks, even if I haven’t done anything too crazy. I always feel like I’ve done something bad. Anyways…

Weekly Update: Taking a break.

Hi All,

It’s been two weeks since my last update and I’ve been busy!

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Weekly Update: 21 Miles. 

Happy Sunday! I hope you’ve had a great week! 

I had a rest day on Monday after a weekend of drinking (wooops). 

On Tuesday I went to my regular Aerial class, and for the first time in forever I really didn’t enjoy it. I hate to say it but it was awful! If you remember my last post I did a few classes on my day off, because I haven’t done Hoop or Trapeze for a long time, or much at flying fantastic I had to do the beginners class (even though I felt I could have done the more advance side). Back to Tuesday’s class it was packed because of their august offer, which is unlimited Aerial for august for £150 (which I didn’t purchase because I can’t commit to many classes due to work and life). Our advanced side of the slings class was packed, so I didn’t get much sling time or much help or feedback, so doesn’t help me improve really. At the end of the lesson we play a game called “add on” we each get up and do a move one by one adding on to those before us. There were 8 of us in total. At this point it was clearly recognised that people who were on the advance side had no clue how to actually get on the slings! It was rather frustrating for me because I would technically be paying more than they would have for this class and getting way less for my money! It angered me. To top it off, putting my shoes on in the lobby on the way out someone elbowed me in the head. I had truly had enough! I ran home directly, a short quick run because I was frustrated and hungry! 

Mum ordered a Hello Fresh box this week and we tried one of the recipes! 

It was super yummy. I love halloumi cheese! 

I got up early Wednesday and did my four miles before work! It was a decent pace and a comfortable run. 

Thursday morning, I got up and went to a core class at Ministry for Fitness. I’ve only ever tried cardio before so it was nice to try another class. 

I had another rest day on Friday, and met the birthday girl Leanne after work for a Steak dinner. 

On Saturday I did 3 miles as per the training plan, practising for the back to back race days in Disney. 

I cooked another HelloFresh meal, Aubergine Tagelitelle! 

I had a nice chill out evening and rested a lot after my many early mornings this week! 

On Sunday I ran a couple of miles and met Emma at Vauxhall. We then ran 9 Miles together. 

Overall we slow in comparison to the rest of the week but still a good run, we walked and chatted a lot and was great practise for Disneyland Paris!

Emma is a great runner and a great friend – she’s kept me laughing all week, and been a great support this week! 

21 running miles under my belt this week and lots more walking too and from work. 

I’ve been feeling generally really good this week! I’m getting more comfortable with my make up free face and have received lots of comments of encouragement for embracing the more natural look! 

I dyed my hair this afternoon and I’m getting it cut this week and hoping the refresh will keep me feeling confident in my own skin. 

I’m looking forward to my weekend at the Peak District next weekend, where I’ll be aiming to be social media free. I doubt I will post a weekly Update and will save for the following week!