Weekly Update: Things aren’t going to plan

So week 1 of 2018 is over and I’m 5 weeks into my marathon training plan, of which I’ve spent the past two weeks a bit ill.

Over Christmas I managed quite a few miles mainly due to boredom but I felt like I needed to catch up with my lack of running beforehand.

I really enjoyed all of these runs over Christmas but I started getting ill around Christmas Eve and I’m still very ill.

My throat started hurting and then I got a really dry cough they had taken all of my energy, it hurts to move, it’s torture to cough and harder to get out for a run.

I’ve been in and out of work during the holidays, but being ill has meant me missing a few days of that too. Rather than push myself I have avoided weekday runs and kept all my running to the weekend or days off so that I can relax afterwards.

It’s been really hard to not be able to do as much as I would have liked. It the time of year where everyone is working hard on new year goals and I’m feeling a little left behind. I’ve set myself big goals for the year, and I’m feeling a bit useless right now. I’ve booked loads of Runthrough races and want to get going but unfortunately this illness has left me physically and mentally down in the dumps.

Being unable to work on my goals and do much this week in particular has spurred some really bad thoughts and feelings, not the best way to start a new year. I need to remember that it’s ok not to be ok, and to not let a momentarily blip stop me from achieving my goals.

Today I ran 10 miles which is the most I’ve been able to run in two weeks. I took it slow and easy and I didn’t feel too bad whilst I was running but a horrendous dry coughing fit came on as soon as I stopped.

I got to run to and from the park with Michelle and got to see Jamie and Laurence which was really nice and they are always really supportive.

Next week I plan to return to aerial on Tuesday, I have a chase the moon race on Wednesday and a half marathon on Saturday. If I’m still not feeling well I won’t aim to fit in the weekday runs and just stick to my planned weekend runs and races.


2017: My year in review

My 2017 best nine. Lots of running, lots of partying, lots of fantastic moments spent with friends.

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Weekly Update: The hard work begins now

Hello all,

Firstly I’d like the apologise for the lack of updates since Disney World. I had been working on a blog post about the holiday itself but life got in the way. I was ill on my return and since haven’t managed much running, therefore nothing to update.

Well this week has been a bit different… sort of a fresh new start. I started my new job this week, it’s been overwhelming and really hard work BUT I can already see what a better environment for me it will be.

One of my goals for November was to rest up after the Disney races which I did and another way to create a London Marathon training plan that suits me. Which I can happily say I’ve done. I’ve taken advice from many people and plans and come up with a plan. I think the mistake I’ve made in previous plans is putting all my plans up at the beginning of month and I feel like I haven’t stuck to them and the pressure of sticking to it and being held accountable by it being out there was too much. This time I’ve got a week by week plan, I’ll try to do weekly updates when I can but I won’t be putting my plans up online prior to running them.

This week I did a little practise run in the first half of my week. I’m aiming to do a Monday-Wednesday-Friday-Sunday running schedule so I tried my best with my new job to make that work this week. I’ve had lots of aerial practise this week and also did a half marathon on Sunday. If you read back on my new year post you’d remember I set myself a goal of achieving a PB. Unfortunately I haven’t achieved this so far this year and had put a lot of pressure on myself to fulfil my goal in this race even though I wasn’t prepared.


Monday morning: 5km (3.1 miles)

I started my new job on Monday, so to relieve a little tension I went for a quick 5k before work. I ran what I call my “Home 5k” which is running from my house to Herne hill station and back again. Traffic is usually good this route so I don’t have to pause too many times and usually can get this done pretty speedy.

Tuesday: Aerial class

We are rehearsing for a show and I was very tired today so My Aerial efforts weren’t fantastic.

Wednesday morning: 5km (3.1 miles)

I did another 5k this morning but headed towards to river instead.

Thursday: Rest

Friday: Rest

Saturday: Runthrough’s Victoria Park half marathon

I am really pleased to tell you I COMPLETED MY GOAL and smashed a new PB. The course was 6.5laps of Victoria Park, a lot of runner friends were there running the 10k/5k but I was alone running the half today. I listened to musical songs whilst I plodded round. I didn’t look at my watch till mile 3 when I realised I was going way faster than my required pace… considering I haven’t trained much for this race and have spent the last couple of month running Disney, I was surprised I had it in me. He pace get comfortable so I continued on, naturally as the miles went on my pace slowed a little. Once my friends had finished their race, they checked in on me. The lovely Becca called me to find out where I was and joined me for the last lap and half, she kept me going and left me to run through the finish line as strong and powerful as I could. By lap 5 my hip were so tight, something I really need to work on in London Marathon training, however they only got tight in the last couple of miles as opposed to Manchester where they got tight a little earlier on.

I had the greatest group of friends cheering me on at the end and it really boosted me. Sometimes I still do feel a little bit on the outside when I meet Instagram friends at these events but it was good to feel loved and supported today!

My official time was 2:07:09. More than 6 mins off my previous PB from Royal Parks Half over a year ago.

Today proved to me that I could consider time as well as having fun with friends.

I spent Saturday afternoon practising for our aerial show which is on the 10th. Despite the race in the morning I still had some energy left after a burger and milkshake with fellow runners.

I spent the evenings relaxing with a lush bubble bath and a well deserved glass (bottle) of prosecco.

Sunday: Afternoon Aerial rehearsals

I spent Sunday afternoon rehearsing for my aerial show once again.

This has been a super busy week with the start of my new job! But I feel great for being busy and productive.

I hope to keep these updates going whilst training for the London Marathon. My training plan starts now so watch this space…

Race Recap: Wine & Dine Half Marathon & Post Race Party


Sorry this update is arriving late I’ve been having way too much fun to sit down and write a post.

On Sunday I did the Wine & Dine half Marathon at Walt Disney World. The route began in a Magic Kingdom Parking Lot, ran through to Animal Kingdom where we got to run through the world of Pandora, on to Hollywood studios, around the boardwalk and into Epcot, where we finished just outside the park. 

I met my good friend Leah (@leahcurrie on instagram) bright and early before the race. She flew in the night before, so as you can imagine getting up for a race at 3am was tiring for her. I however was a little more accustomed to the time having been up early the past two mornings! As she flew in she didn’t have time to head to the expo to pick up her pack so she headed to the information tent to collect her things! The organisation was great for this event and she managed to get everything quite stress free. 

At the 10k I was in corral B and for the half I was supposed to be in C, but I moved back so I could run with Leah. We headed over to the start corrals where we joined the sing-a-longs and warm up fun and then just like that two hours had passed and we were off! 

There were many sections of road that were quite boring, long stretches of nothing, and it was dark and foggy. The best parts were running through the parks and seeing Leah’s face because this was her first time visiting the parks on this trip and first time seeing pandora. 

We managed to stop for a lot of characters and photopass stops, however this lead to us being taken over by a lot of run-walkers. Don’t get me wrong we weren’t super speedy, Leah had a bad knee and I have a bad foot but our running and walking pace is average. Run-walkers are great in the aspect they have their own pacer and it gets people finishing the race however they take part in LARGE packs, often doing 30:30 intervals and taking up a large portion of the road, there were narrowing points we couldn’t get past them. It was frustrating. 

Before we headed into Epcot we ran around the boardwalk, this is where most of peoples family and friends were. Everyone’s cheering was great. A lovely lady was handing out pretzels and jelly beans and someone else brought their dog that me and Leah just had to stop for a cuddle with!

We finished the race, collected all of our wonderful medals including Castle to Chateu and then grabbed our snacks bags. I was so hungry I ate my snacks straight away! We queued for Mickey & Minnie and Goofy for photos and then made our way back to our resorts! 

After a nap and some time around the pool I got myself ready for the post race party. I’d brought my medals all the way from London to have a picture with Mickey (and his pals) with all my beautiful runDisney medals!

Then we met Joy and Sadness and Anna & Elsa before grabbing some food and drink on World Showcase and settling down for the illuminations firework show. 

After that we rode Soarin’ and tried to queue for a few more rides but they either broke down or were just too long. So we called it a night and headed to bed after a long day. 

The half marathon was hard, the heat, the humidity, and not being as fast as I usually would be were annoying but I had a lot of fun and enjoyed running with Leah! Disney races are all about fun so it was good to relax a bit and take it easy. 

Race Recap: Wine & Dine 10k

Hello all, 

This morning I got up for my second race of the weekend. The wine & dine 10k. I was up and on the bus at half 3 and in my corral as soon as the gate opened scoring myself a spot at the front of corral B. I chatted with other runners whilst we waited and headed for the start lines, the wave starts were great. The fireworks went off and I was quick across the start line, within a minute if crossing the start line there were “runners” already walking… how did they get in Corral A or B if they were walking it? Apparently you don’t need proof of time for the 10k so people lied so they had more time to walk and wouldn’t be swept. I think this is rather unfair and undisney like, though it’s a fun run part of the challenge is training so you can complete the run in a fair way. I know people who aren’t fast but wouldn’t lie to get a better start, they challenge themselves not to fall behind. 

The first 2 miles were out of the Magic Kingdom parking lot along the road, the first character stop was after mile 2 – the three pigs – I wasn’t interested in stopping. About a mile later we entered Hollywood studios to find the next character stop Ozwald. We ran through the backlot (where the smell of mickey waffles and bacon being made, had my mouth watering) and then we ran along the boardwalk, where I briefly stopped for a picture with Genie, before heading into Epcot. We entered the park by the Rose and Crown pub and ran onwards the entrance, passing the bears in Canada. A quick photo outside the spaceship earth and I headed out the park  to the finish line. 

I finished in around an hour I think, I haven’t checked my official time but it wasn’t much longer than that. I collected my luggage tag themed medal and then I picked up my snack pack and drinks and then headed to the character lines. I jumped into see Chip and Dale and then Donald. I saw Mickey and Minnie yesterday so I wasn’t bothered by doing them again today, though they looked cute in their chef outfits.

I boarded my bus and was back at my resort, showered and back in bed by 8. 

I spent the rest of the day shopping and relaxing.

I’m looking forward to the Half tomorrow, and being reunited with Leah, who flys in today.

Race Recap: Wine & Dine 5k & expo

It’s here… Disney’s Wine & Dine race weekend. Yesterday we stopped by the expo and picked up our bibs, some merchandise and our race tshirts. We were there about 1 hour, it was pretty organised and so much better than the Paris expo for merch and other stalls. They had a tasting station for wine and cheese. 

Mum checking out the expo. ​​

I picked up two long sleeve shirts, and a wine glass from the expo. Mum got herself a fridge magnet. 

On the way out I bumped into my runner friend Ian (ianrunsldn on instagram) and his lovely family. Between them they are taking part in all the races, with his daughter Evie doing the kids race.

After the expo we spent the rest of the day in Hollywood Studios and had a lovely meal at Mama Melrose before an early night. 

We woke up bright and early at 3am! Got ourselves ready and out the door and on the bus for half 3. 

We got to the race area about 4.15am and got in the queue to meet Mickey & Minnie. I loved that they had characters before & after the race, however the queue was so long and Mickey & Minnie had to officially start the race so we hoped out the queue and headed for corral B. 

We started the race about 5:45am. The first mile was on the back lot and into Animal kingdom, there we ran past the Tree of Life through the park and the beautiful Pandora – World of avatar. I love Animal kingdom, the attention to detail is superb. There were only a few characters out, Mum didn’t want to stop and I wasn’t interested in any of the characters. 

It was mums first 5k and she finished in 40 mins. Really impressed with her effort, this was the furthest she had run and she’d had an accident a couple weeks ago and hurt her arm and still managed to smash it today.

After the finish, we grabbed our snack boxes and headed for a picture with mickey and Minnie. We got back on the coach and was back at our resort by 7:15am.

I really enjoyed this morning, it went quickly and was well organised . 

Tune in for 10k tomorrow!

Training Plan: November


So it’s the last planned month of my training plan. I made and started this back in February this year knowing I had my Disney races ahead of me. Wine & Dine races are this weekend and my plan comes to a close shortly after this.

October has been quite a lazy month to begin with.



Coming back from Disneyland Paris at the end of September I lacked motivation and didn’t run much for the first couple of weeks. Only a 5k and the Adidas 10k. Then I got some super exciting news, I’ve received a place in the Virgin London Marathon 2018 via St John Ambulance. I work closely with St John ambulance, as I set up training courses with them at work and manage the first aiders, so I have a connection and a good relationship with the charity. They are really important for Health and Safety education within the workplace and in school, and provide support for various events around the country. I’m really proud to be on #TEAMSJA

If you would like to sponsor me you can do so here.

Disney’s Wine & Dine half will hopefully be comfortable, as much as I haven’t put in as much effort in this October, well at least at the beginning. The last couple of weeks a little more effort was made but still not anything near my original training plan.

I’m looking forward to running the 5k with Mum and the Half with Leah. The 10k will be by myself and I hope I bump into loads of cool characters.

Once this weekend is over with I’m going to push myself a little harder as I have booked the Runthrough Victoria Park half marathon on the 2nd December. I’ll be running this alone and I’m hoping to achieve a better half time.

It will then be time to enjoy Christmas and start building up the miles for the London Marathon… So that means a new training plan.

I leave my current job on the 21st of November and start a new job the following week. These two weeks I will still be training for my half on the 2nd December but I’m not sticking to a training plan and just going with the flow.


Three Goals for the Month of November:

  1. Enjoy the Wine & Dine weekend
  2. Rest Post Races
  3. Make a new training plan for London marathon 2018



Notes about this training plan: 

I have used a mixture of advice and detailed training plans from both Bupa and RunDisney (Galloway Training programs) this has helped me to schedule how far to go on my weekend runs to fit around the Challenges for Disney and my own person schedule. 

Following Tips and Tricks from the Galloway training program:

The “Magic Mile” time trial (MM) is a reality check on your goal pace on raceday, and has been the best predictor of finishing under the race time limit.