2017: My year in review

My 2017 best nine. Lots of running, lots of partying, lots of fantastic moments spent with friends.

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Weekly Update: Defying Gravity

Happy Sunday.

This week has been fantastic, but it’s been a slow one!

I started my week by going to Ministry does fitness! I much preferred doing the morning class and enjoyed it much more than my previous two sessions.

I love their “Bitch don’t kale my vibe” smoothy/shake. I should started making smoothies again because I love them!

On Tuesday and Wednesday I had days off. On Tuesday I did Aerial Hoop and Wednesday I did Aerial Trapeze both at Flying Fantastic. Because I’ve done a lot of both but its been some time since I’ve done either regularly! Due to not doing many lessons of them at flying fantastic I had to do the beginners class. 

It was good to go back to basics. I realised I have improved so much with my technique, strength and confidence.

On Wednesday evening, I met up with Leah & Emma and we ran Chase the sun at Crystal Palace. It was Emma’s first race in a while and she just getting back into running. It was a pleasure to run with bob girl and we had fun chatting as we made our way round the course!

By Thursday I was suffering, I’d had so many early mornings since the previous week. I had planned for a 10k in the evening, however I forgot my sports bra and headphones and was incredibly tired so I gave it a miss. I woke up early again on Friday and managed just over 5k. I was disappointed I wasn’t up to doing more but it was better than nothing.

Saturday was the big day I’d been waiting for! Me and Krissi tried Gorilla circus. It’s a flying trapeze school located in Regents Park. Krissi’s boyfriend Matt came along and took photos and videos for us which was very kind of him!

We warmed up and got to practise tucking through on a trapeze on the ground. Then we got to try flying. In total they give you four try’s, they were very nice and flexible and let me and Krissi have second go at our final tricks.

I found the most nerve wrecking part climbing up the ladder and standing on the edge preparing. I don’t really have a fear of heights and as I’ve never experienced anything like this before there was some fear but after the first go it quickly went away!

I actually really loved everything about it. I found it relatively easy and fun, I don’t think doing aerial or dance helped apart from maybe making it look a little neater because I pointed my toes and the fact the I’m good with instruction and timing. Listening to their instructions and doing it when they tell you is super vital to a) doing it correctly and b) making it look good. You have to put a lot of trust in the instructor especially when they have to catch you in the middle of the air!

So it’s been a fun jam-packed week, I had every intention of doing 4 miles today but sadly I am hungover and my body aches.

Next week will probably be back to usual and not so many things happening.

Not long to go till this big ones…

Mental Health awareness week

Hi All,
Today I’m posting something a little different.
Mental Health Awareness Week 2017 is taking place this week, between Monday May 8 – Sunday 14, so I thought I would talk to you a little about my life and experiences and how my running journey has helped with this.

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All about Aerial – Part 2

If you haven’t read my Aerial Journey so far, please feel free to read it here.

Around May last year, I got super fed up of going to Aerial. I was exhausted from the hours spent travelling to the school I was training at, and fed up of paying for classes and not making them because of illness or train problems. I felt like everyone was advancing way more than me, and because majority were dancers and had more time to commit to this I just wasn’t at the same level. I decided to give up my Hoop class for a while.

Choosing to focus more on my running (& social life) I took more than a short break. It helped me focus on my running and gave me more time to have fun which I think I mentally needed. I miss my friends from my old Aerial School but I don’t miss paying out £50 a month travelling there (let alone class fees).

Last October a school called Flying Fantastic opened a new venue, literally 15 minute walk from my workplace, and kind of on my route home. I had been to Flying Fantastic a few times before in another venue they had. I had never stuck with going there as I mentioned in my previous post – Work/Life got in the way for some time.

In my time doing aerial I’ve done Trapeze, Hoop, Spanish Web, Silks and now Slings. When I tried Silks I found it so difficult, I couldn’t climb them at all, I was so disappointed in myself because I thought it looked amazing, and there I was not being able to do anything. I loved Hoop, and that was my main discipline but I had grown tired of it. So I thought I would try something different, so in October I started Slings; I thought that would be a compromise between the two.

I’ve had weeks were I have absolutely hated myself and my body for not being able to do things in this class, but week in week out I go and I try again. For a while I thought I wasn’t seeing any progress but I can say now that I’ve definitely grown in confidence. I can much more confidently invert (go upside down) and my upper body is so much stronger. Since over stretching a muscle in the back of my right leg I’ve had to learn not to rely on my flexibility as much. It’s made me take it easier and make sure I’m not adding to this injury but it’s also made me appreciate that my body can do other incredible things.

I am very grateful for the teachers I’ve had so far, they are wonderful. They support you so much and you definitely feel safe with them around. They are all incredibly talented too!

Flying Fantastic is primarily drop in classes, but fortunately there are regular people who go weekly. It’s more convenient if you know in advance you’re going to miss a week. They have great practice session that work around the 9-5 too and a lot of classes & workshops on the weekends!

You can check them out here: Flying Fantastic


Weekly Update: 28th March – 3rd April

Hello All,

Thanks for continuously tuning into these weekly update even though nothing much is happening at the moment. After the Bank Holiday weekend and a true lazy day on Monday, I thought I would be able to ease straight back into my routine again… I was wrong! My Body decided that it hates me and wanted to publicly humiliate me by fainting on a London bus in rush hour.

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