Dopey Training – July 2018

Goodbye June, you’ve been amazing. Hello July. Bring on lots of amazing days out, a trip away and my birthday, oh and maybe some more training.

Looking back at the whole of June as opposed to the start of my training plan, I’ve had a busy month, I’ve done some aerial classes, flying trapeze, a couple of races, a relay triathlon and even tried swimming for the first time in a long time. I haven’t managed to stay perfectly on track with my training plan but I’m starting to get into it. The weather in the uk has been amazing and is set to sick around for a bit, as much as this isn’t the greatest for running in, it certainly gets me out the house and being more active.

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July’s plan is still quite easy on mileage, this gives me more of an opportunity to really get into the plan before building up. I’ve been struggling to reach 10k so hopefully this month I can get more comfortable with that distance ready to build up to half marathon distance again. I have a few practises of back to back running which comes nice and early in the plan so it’s less of a shock later on down the line.

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