Weekly Update: Finding the Positivity

Week: 12th-18th

My Lazy two weeks are OVER, Officially.

I had a late night on Monday night, as I was at my usual sewing class for the evening and then I was helping my sister with her packing. I woke up Early on Tuesday morning to help my sister to the station at 5:30am and from there I decided to get my day started with a run. I ran 4 miles along the river and was back home by 6:30am. I enjoyed getting up and doing this early, I managed to eat breakfast before leaving the house, and even made a bit more effort with my appearance this day.

The only problem with having a late night/super early morning, was by the time I got to Aerial in the evening on Tuesday I was ready for bed. I didn’t manage much in Aerial. The early morning was a shock to my system, although it came with many positives, it negatively effected my energy by the end of the day. Wednesday I took a much needed rest and an early night.

My alarm went off at 6am on Thursday morning, I tossed and turned for a while but made it up and out the door before 6:30am. I did an awesome run, with a great pace I’m not used to and felt unbelievably energised. Again I had more time than I’m used to for getting ready and made it to work before 9am, when I normally get there a little bit late.

Sunday was an absolute scorcher of morning but I got up and out and did 5 miles around the city! I took in the sun and the sights! I paused around Buckingham palace to take in the beautiful surroundings and take some pictures for tourists! 

I absolutely loved this run and finished it off with a Starbucks iced latte! 

I feel much more positive for doing my week day runs in the morning, as it’s so warm in London this week, and the thought of having to drag my self round the streets of London for an evening run don’t sound to appealing right now. I’m ecstatic that my pace for Thursday’s run was averagely below a 9 min/mile. More of this for the future I hope. I’m going to try and stick to waking up earlier and doing something each morning, however next week I will have to rearrange my days as I have a few social things to do.

I’ve been so happy that over the last couple of weeks many people have reached out to me about my running. Either asking for advice or asking me to run with them. I’m going to try and set up a little group so I can’t introduce these people to like minded people after the same goal and organise occasional runs for them. I’m currently trying to think of a name for the group but I hope to make a safe space where like minded people can talk about their goals and progress and hopefully meet people to run with on their journey!
This week has been super good and I glad I’ve found so much positivity. Off to enjoy the sunshine. Hope you all had a good week!

Weekly Update: Filled with Colour.

Week: 5th-11th June.

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Weekly Update: Back to the beginning.

Week: 29th May- 4th June

Hello 😊

My first half marathon of the year is done and the training plan has reset and I’m in the low running numbers. I’m taking it easy because mentally I haven’t been in a good place recently and I’ve found everything really overwhelming.

After my half marathon I made sure to stretch and roll as much as I could and I felt a little sore on the Monday but by Tuesday I felt ok. My toenails didn’t hurt as badly as the last half marathon but my hip suffered the worse this time.

I went to my regular Aerial Sling class thinking “I can’t do this, I’m going to struggle so much, my teacher will hate me cause I’ll probably just sit in the corner and take pics for others and not actually do anything” turns out Aerial was ok and I could do most of it. I even managed to do a move I haven’t been able to do in weeks. Β I was a little bit proud of myself for achieving this move.

I didn’t run throughout the week because I just couldn’t face it. I’ve been so low in mood I’ve not wanted to do anything but lay in bed all week.

On Saturday I decided to go to another Aerial class, I did Trapeze which if you have read any of my Aerial posts you’ll know I started with this years ago but haven’t done it much since. It was a small class but they were doing really hard stuff so I struggled my way through it. I fell out of one move and have some serious bruises to show for it.

It was a really nice day in Saturday so I took my Yoga mat to the roof and did some stretching and then some handstand practise.

I haven’t don’t handstands for so long, I used to be quite good in my contortion/Acro days! I was impressed I managed to hold my handstands for a couple of seconds. I’m going to try and practise these more.

On Sunday I went for a run my plan was for 4 miles but I managed a 5k.

I feel like I need to do more small runs to get my miles up. I’m just going to try when I’m up to it to run home from work.

I’m going to take it easy still as my Mental Health comes first. Lately I’ve been feeling disconnected from my body. It’s not that I don’t like what I see, it’s more like I don’t feel like this is me, I feel disconnected from the view in the mirror or pictures I see. It’s weird I’m not sure what going on and I don’t know how to manage it.

Anyways in the past Ten months I have achieved a lot and I am proud of myself. I’m going to continue to work hard even though I’m finding it really difficult right now.

Training Plan: June


It’s the 1st of the Month, it’s time to look at my training plan for this month!

My first big race is done, and though it wasn’t a great race for me I still did pretty well.

Overall I’m not loving running at the minute – I’m not really loving anything. So as the new plan headings towards Paris in September starts I really want to focus on taking care of my Mental and Physical health and try and have some fun over the summer whilst still loosely keeping to my training plan!

I’m looking forward to being back in the low numbers, there isn’t any need for big long runs at the moment but I will focus on my pacing on the longer runs.

Though my flexibility has improved and I’ve been working on stretching and strengthening my hips my body doesn’t feel great right now and I need to take more time to work on it.

Three Goals for the Month of JuneΒ :

  1. Take it easy!
  2. Book a 5k
  3. Buy New Trainers

Notes about this training plan:Β 

I have used a mixture of advice and detailed training plans from both Bupa and RunDisney (Galloway Training programs) this has helped me to schedule how far to go on my weekend runs to fit around the Challenges for Disney and my own person schedule.Β 

Following Tips and Tricks from the Galloway training program:

The β€œMagic Mile” time trial (MM) is a reality check on your goal pace on raceday, and has been the best predictor of finishing under the race time limit.

Self Care

My first half marathon of the year is done, with it being an extra difficult one mentally and physically I now need to take more time to focus on looking after myself. Here are my top ten self care habits that I like to do.

  1. Hot Bath
    Even when I’ve not been running, I sometimes feel tense even if I’ve just got a lot going on Mentally. A hot bath helps me relax. I love adding bath bombs, bubble bars, epsom salts or essential oils to the bath to help me de-stress and unwind.
  2. Read a Book/Watch a Film
    Often combined with number 1. I’m not much of a reader but a few of my favourite books to read or re-read are “The Color Purple”, “The Perks of being a Wallflower” and “Silver Linings Playbook”. My go to feel good films are anything Disney (obviously) like Mulan, Hercules, or The Little Mermaid to name a few favourites. My all time Favourite Film ever in the world is Sister Act (stop laughing) it holds so many good memories for me and can always put me in a good mood.
  3. Pamper
    Sometimes doing your nails, hair and make up just makes you feel good. Clean Hair, fresh nails and make up makes me feel like I am ready to take on the world.
  4. Stretch/Yoga/Meditate
    A good way to connect with your body, listen and understand your body’s needs and give your mind some time to recouperate and focus. Click Here for a previous post on stretching.
  5. Light a candle
    I love a good Candle. Yankee Candles are my favourite. I have a wax burner in my room and love all the different smells you can get. Right now my room smells like a cupcake and I couldn’t love it anymore.
  6. Go for a walk
    I’m quite passionate about a good walk. It gives me time to clear my head and forget about the worries of the day. It’s been a year and a half since I started walking to work daily. Take a look a one of my old posts here about walking.
  7. Do a Hobby
    I love crafting, I love going to the theatre and I love Aerial. If I’m having a tough time doing any of these things for fun can always help me mentally and physically feel my best.
  8. Listen to music
    I created a 12 Hour Musical Theatre playlist, and it’s amazing. I listen to my favourite songs to put me in a good mood.
  9. Clean
    Anyone else find cleaning weirdly therapeutic?  If I have a lot going on up in my head, physically doing something like running is a great way to transfer the tension and release it. Sometimes when I don’t want to run, cleaning has the same effect. Organising and rearranging helps me put order into my life.
  10. Eat
    I love Food! If I want to eat something I will, I have no restrictions in my diet. If my body needs fuel, I feed it good foods, If my body needs comfort food, then that’s what it will get. Sausages, Mash & Peas will always been my favourite dinner.


What do you do to take care of your Mental and Physical health? Let me know in the comments! πŸ™‚


Great Manchester Run Half Marathon – Race Recap

I hope everyone has had a lovely bank holiday weekend.  Continue reading

Weeks 11&12

Oh Dear, I truely fell off the running wagon two weeks before my race. 

Firstly I’ve been busy so rearranging my runs has been tricky and the days I tried I got absolutely drowned out by the weather. I managed to get out Last Sunday for 4 miles but didn’t managed the six I had planned or any other runs. 

This week (week 12) has been difficult, I’ve not felt myself and had a lot on my mind. There has been a lot going on in the Country right now and I’ve been waiting to hear wether the Great Manchester Half Marathon would even go ahead. 

Well I’m pleased to say the race is on and I will be travelling to Manchester this weekend and running 13.1 miles around one of the greatest cities. 

I’ve given up on any training runs this week  but I know I have the miles in my legs and I will get through this half marathon even if it isn’t my greatest time. The next you’ll hear from me will be a race update! 

Wish me luck!