Weeks 11&12

Oh Dear, I truely fell off the running wagon two weeks before my race. 

Firstly I’ve been busy so rearranging my runs has been tricky and the days I tried I got absolutely drowned out by the weather. I managed to get out Last Sunday for 4 miles but didn’t managed the six I had planned or any other runs. 

This week (week 12) has been difficult, I’ve not felt myself and had a lot on my mind. There has been a lot going on in the Country right now and I’ve been waiting to hear wether the Great Manchester Half Marathon would even go ahead. 

Well I’m pleased to say the race is on and I will be travelling to Manchester this weekend and running 13.1 miles around one of the greatest cities. 

I’ve given up on any training runs this week  but I know I have the miles in my legs and I will get through this half marathon even if it isn’t my greatest time. The next you’ll hear from me will be a race update! 

Wish me luck! 

Week 10

YAY! 10 Weeks of Training Done.

I’ve had a good week generally because I’ve done lots of things, spent lots of time with friends, worked hard on different projects, and got some amazing feedback on my Mental Health Post.

Tuesday – I kept my run light and easy after aerial. It was good, a great pace for a short run for me.
Thursday – I kept it short again, I didn’t want to over exert myself with such a busy week and a big run on the weekend. In previous weeks I will get to the end of the week and be completely exhausted that I won’t do the run long – and these are the runs I need to put in all the work.

 Sunday – I DID 12 MILES – FINALLY. Ok, my shoes are on their last legs, only another two weeks to make it through on these and then I’m getting a new pair. I got lost on this run! I ran to Battersea park and then looped round and then tried to run home via Starbucks – I got lost on the last half a mile of my route. The last 3 miles I really struggled with – firstly because I was bored doing loops, and secondly because I’ve lost my appetite recently and I wasn’t fueled enough – Stuff I need to work on the next two weeks.

My splits for this long run were terrible BUT overall I still managed a good time and think I can do a little better for the Great Manchester Half Marathon in two weeks!



Mental Health awareness week

Hi All,
Today I’m posting something a little different.
Mental Health Awareness Week 2017 is taking place this week, between Monday May 8 – Sunday 14, so I thought I would talk to you a little about my life and experiences and how my running journey has helped with this.

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Week 9

This week has been ok, after the excitement of the past weekend with my friend here I’m exhausted catching up with everything and getting over the last bit of illness.

Aerial on Tuesday was great, I worked really hard and managed to do some moves I’ve never done before. 

I ran home but my timer didn’t set for the whole run, so I think I did about double the time and distance.

On Thursday I did 6 miles, my body wasn’t feeling it and but generally the time wasn’t too bad. 

On Friday I went to aerial practise and it was a good session, I need to get more confident going to practise sessions and having a clear idea of what I want to do and practise. Again I wasn’t feeling 100% so my body wasn’t cooperating with me. 

This weekend my mental health has taken a battering with a lot of things on my mind. I’m sad I’ve drifted from my plan but I’m confident that I will do ok in my half marathon. My plan is to try and stick to my 12 mile long run next weekend and 6 miles the weekend after. 

Training Plan: May


It’s the 1st of the Month, it’s time to look at my training plan for this month!

I am finally coming up to a Race! I’m looking forward to it, but if you’ve seen my updates from the last few weeks, you’ll have known I’ve been sick and things haven’t gone to plan! 

I’m generally excited for the Great Run – Manchester half marathon. I hope to get 2:13 or under. I’m looking forward to seeing my best friend and have her support me at this race. It will be her first time seeing me run so she can see all the hard work I’ve put in (and moaned to her about constantly).

I didn’t really complete my goals for April due to being ill. I did run my first race in shorts and have brought more for future races – this is a massive step in my body confidence. 

Three Goals for the Month of May :

1. Focus on getting better. Rest well and take care of my body. 

2. Work on my flexibility, my hips are currently tight from my long runs, I need to do more stretching. It’s been neglected recently.

3. Try my best in my next race and ENJOY IT. 

Notes about this training plan: 

I have used a mixture of advice and detailed training plans from both Bupa and RunDisney (Galloway Training programs) this has helped me to schedule how far to go on my weekend runs to fit around the Challenges for Disney and my own person schedule. 

Following Tips and Tricks from the Galloway training program:

The β€œMagic Mile” time trial (MM) is a reality check on your goal pace on raceday, and has been the best predictor of finishing under the race time limit.

Week 8


Ok so not great…I’ve come off the high of watching the marathon and I’ve still been ill! 
Tuesday evening I went to aerial despite feeling like poop, but had the BEST class. There was just the two of us and we did some doubles slings and some new drops. 

I did an extended run across the river at a fantastic pace! This would be a great pace to aim for in a future half marathon! 

On Thursday I decided to do a long run, as I had friends over all weekend and wasn’t able to run as I was entertaining my guests. 

I did 10 miles at a good pace and it felt really good! 

For my next few long runs I’m going to work on not stopping as much and keeping my comfortable pace. 

This weekend I received my bib for the Great Manchester Run – Half Marathon. 

I’m so excited!