Dopey Training – July 2018

Goodbye June, you’ve been amazing. Hello July. Bring on lots of amazing days out, a trip away and my birthday, oh and maybe some more training.

Looking back at the whole of June as opposed to the start of my training plan, I’ve had a busy month, I’ve done some aerial classes, flying trapeze, a couple of races, a relay triathlon and even tried swimming for the first time in a long time. I haven’t managed to stay perfectly on track with my training plan but I’m starting to get into it. The weather in the uk has been amazing and is set to sick around for a bit, as much as this isn’t the greatest for running in, it certainly gets me out the house and being more active.

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July’s plan is still quite easy on mileage, this gives me more of an opportunity to really get into the plan before building up. I’ve been struggling to reach 10k so hopefully this month I can get more comfortable with that distance ready to build up to half marathon distance again. I have a few practises of back to back running which comes nice and early in the plan so it’s less of a shock later on down the line.

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Dopey Training – June 2018

Hi All,

I am back. I’ve taken a short break after London Marathon but I am back with a new plan and a new goal.

Those reading this that have followed my running journey so far may have noticed that sadly most of my previous posts have disappeared. I have hidden most, and kept the ones I’m most proud of up for people to view. I removed the rest because… well it’s a long story but to sum it up, someone made blogging not feel like the happy place it used to for me, I let them win by removing my content, but after some gentle encouragement I am back.

My next challenge as I previously mentioned in my London Marathon post is the Walt Disney World Dopey challenge 2019. I currently do not have a place, RunDisney have moved all of the registration dates to due to a new system they are using as opposed to So the purchasing of my place will have to wait until July 19th, and I’m hopeful I will get one. I’ve looked at a variety of training plans for Dopey and coupled with the fact that I am also taking part in the third Disneyland Paris race weekend in September this year I thought I should get started on training. I’m sort of starting from scratch as I’ve had a bit of a running break. I’ve done some running but not a lot more than a few 5k’s. The Galloway training plan suggests 27 weeks of training, but aligning this with my schedule and other races I’ve chosen to make mine a 30 week plan.

A few things I’ve learnt from previous races:

– I cannot manage more than 10k on a week day

– I suck at sticking to a training plan especially when the days ask for more than 10k as above

– I am running Disney, the end result will not be fast, I need to stop putting a time pressure on myself.

Ok, so onto the plan…

As you can see so far June has been a quiet month for me. My aim for this month is to continue to take it easy but get familiar with my training plan and find my running mojo again.

I searched long and hard to find an app/training programme that could be altered to fit my goals however every single one I found was towards a goal of 1 race and as you may well know both the Disneyland Paris races and Dopey Challenge consists of back to back races so I really need to work my training around that. Someone on twitter advised me I could add custom workouts on Garmin connect that would work with my Garmin Forerunner 235. I was ecstatic to hear this and have taken the time to sit down and plan a full training plan. I’ve kept my Weekday runs to 10k and under and later on in the plan I will be practising back to back runs in the lead up to the race events.

The last two weeks of June I will be running 3 x 5k & 1 x 10k each week hopefully with some cross training thrown in.

So for now , that’s it. Watch this space as every month I will be talking you through the months training plan and other bits and bobs going on in my life.

If you have any questions about the races or my training, feel free to comment below or why not follow me on Twitter & instagram (@megandaniella) and we can connect!