Weekly Update: Filled with Colour.

Week: 5th-11th June.

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Great Manchester Run Half Marathon – Race Recap

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Week 5

This has been kind of a terrible week. I’ve been ill all week. I struggled through aerial on Tuesday but couldn’t face running that night or Thursday.

By the weekend I was feeling slightly better but not much. I chose to rest up and do my planned race on Sunday – RunThrough’s 10k @ Greenwich Park!

I’m glad I got up and did it, because it was a beautifully sunny day! As always RunThrough events are super well managed and lots of fun.

I had a running buddy today who hasn’t run much since doing a half marathon a couple weeks ago, we both took it easy today and I’m glad we did!

Greenwich has the most horrendous hill, that not once on the three laps could I continuously run up. It knackered me out – maybe I need to add more hilly runs to my training! It was also a hot 22-24 degrees during the run so that made it slightly more challenging!

I didn’t run my fastest 10k not even close but I had a lot of fun today and smashed a personal goal… WEARING SHORTS TO RUN.

I mentioned a while ago that I got some lululemon shorts in a sample sale, I finally wore them somewhere other than physio! This was such a massive hurdle for me confidence wise! 

Anyways, it was a great day! 


Good News!

I suck at blogging, luckily I don’t blog for likes or money so there is no pressure to update. Not much has been going on lately, I haven’t really been doing any training, as everything I have to train for is so far off. My housemate is currently training for a half marathon in March so I’ve been going along with her on training runs and although it’s slower than my comfortable half marathon pace, it’s helpful to be taken back a little bit so I don’t over exert myself and have to stop multiple times in each run.

Well good news is I’ve earned my first medal. That’s right, 3 weeks into the new year and I’ve got the ball rolling…

On Saturday the 21st. My Housemate and I participated in the RunThrough 10k at Battersea Park. It’s was an interesting day for a few reasons:

  1. It’s was COLD, I’m not used to training or running in the cold yet. We arrived early so waited around a bit, meaning we were colder.
  2. It was my first small event, there were still quite a few people, and it was professionally organised but it was no where near the scale of Disney/Royal Parks.
  3. I got to meet someone (briefly) that I connected with over Instagram and Facebook, thanks to running. She is lovely and is also interested in running at Disneyland Paris this year (can we have a date for bibs already please).

Here’s a Pictures of my Medal: 

Here is the breakfast I enjoyed afterwards:

My second piece of good news is… I GOT THE LULULEMON RUNNING BAG! I haven’t used it yet but I will be trying it out this week and let you know my thoughts!

This post really is about good news, and this may be the biggest one of the week…


Ok, so I actuallly booked the holiday at the end of last year, but now that I have booked the races I feel like everything is coming together and I’m super excited.

I will be doing the Wine & Dine 5k + Challenge (which is 10k & Half marathon)… that’s 3 days, 3 races and lots of fun. This might be the most money I’ve every spent on a race or a holiday for that fact but I’m so happy because it’s been my dream for a while and become more apparent in the past few years and since running. I’m happy that I’ve managed to secure a great job and income to make my dreams come true for myself without having to depend on anyone else.

You may see some updates throughout the year with my plans etc so watch this space.

My last bit of good news pairs with my last piece. I’ve used social media to connect with runners and have made so many new runner friends through Facebook groups and Instagram. It’s great to connect with them and get advice from them about my trip and race bookings.

I’m hopeful I can meet some internet friends on my trips this year.

So if you are reading this and planning on running the Wine & Dine races in Florida or the races in Paris this year, let’s connect. I’m always happy to meet other runners and Disney fans!

The Color Run

I just completed the happiest 5k.

After a McDonald’s (whoops) and a long old walk to the start line I did my first organised 5k run.

I had always planned on running it, however after seeing the weather forecast I decided I wasn’t going to run it as it was going to be really bad rain. BUT when we got there the sun was out and it was dry and we started running!

We thought we would just see how it goes and ended up running nearly the entire course! We didn’t time ourselves but we think it only took half an hour and it’s seemed very short. If it was actually a full 5k then I am very impressed with my efforts. Me and Stacy (the blonde) ran it whilst the others (Alex, Lauren and Suelyn) walked and were about half an hour behind us (at least).

When we got to the end we had some pictures and a colour throw and headed back south of the river for a street party with loads of pimms with our lovely macs on so we didn’t get paint all over the tube.

I had such a fun day and understand what people mean when they say the day pulls you through. It’s given me more confidence for running the half marathons later this year (I think I’m a lot fitter than I sometimes give myself credit for). Roll on the next one…