2017: My year in review

My 2017 best nine. Lots of running, lots of partying, lots of fantastic moments spent with friends.

I’m going to briefly run through my 2017 Instagram highlights (IG: @megandaniella) most of which aren’t shown in my best nine.

I started the year by booking my dream holiday and have had that to look forward to all year.

In January I went to my first run through event and met Emma for the first time very briefly, someone who’s grown to become a great friend of mine this year.

In February I saw lots of shows and did lots of aerial but unfortunately got a little injured along the way.

In March I started a little side hobby making my own clothing, which is something I need to find more time to continue in 2018.

In April I went to my first Ministry does fitness class and challenge myself beyond belief. I finally met Leah whilst watching the amazing runners in the london Marathon. I also got to meet my internet girl gang for the first time in a lovely london meet up. We’d been Facebook friends for a while and spoke every day and I finally got to meet them all at once!

In May I published a blog post that I got so much positive feedback from and was so proud of myself for sharing. I ran the Manchester half marathon, and fell short of my goal which was so disappointing.

In June i did the color run with Emma and had such a blast. I spent some time with my sister before she flew out to Australia and I saw Celine Dion with my Mum! I took part in the Brixton 10k on the hottest day of the year and then had a super fun girly night which ended with a broken phone.

July brought birthday month, I started the month by meeting some more insta runners for the first time including Ian & Shellie & lizzie. I enjoyed london pride parade and was treated to new running trainers. I met some more insta runners including Daz and Becca for this first time whilst cheering on Leah at the British 10k.

I celebrated my birthday in Manchester with a good friend and was spoilt rotten by gifts and the most amazing cake. When I returned to london after my birthday I went chase the sun with the ladies and met Sophie & Jo for the first time whilst having the most fun I think I’ve had at a run all year running with an amazing group of women.

August brought lots of aerial and my first go at flying trapeze with Krissi, a short trip to the Peak District and a fresh new hairdo.

In September lots more running was had ending with a trip to Disneyland Paris with Leah, Emma and Nicky making memories I will cherish forever.

At first October brought misery, after a falling out with a “best” friend and dealing with horrendous crap at work but things quickly looked up thanks to good friends. I ended October by bagging myself a new job right before jetting off on my dream holiday!

November started in Disney world and finished with me started said new job.

December saw me smash my final goal for the year by running a 2:07 Half followed by fun trips to the theatre to see beauty & the beast live and Hamilton. I performed in an amazing aerial show supported by friends and family and feel well and truly blessed to be surrounded by such amazing people.

To top of a great December my lovely friend leah got engaged and I honestly couldn’t be happier. This girl has been my rock this year and I’m so thankful for we started talking a year ago. She deserves so much happiness and I’m grateful I get to see her dreams coming true.

As good as this year has been it has come with its difficulties, some of those I’ve shared and some I haven’t, but I can whole heartily say I wouldn’t have it any other way. I’ve had such a great year overall and when you look at the bigger picture the small “difficulties” don’t seem like much in comparison.

When I failed to reach my goal at Manchester half marathon I was so disappointed but later this year I learnt the reason this wasn’t meant to be is because I needed a better support system. Now I feel like I’ve got the best team behind me, and I’m so happy to support their goals like they support mine.

2018: I’m going to run my first ever marathon. Am I scared, of course. One thing I’ve learned in 2017 year is that I’m so much stronger than I think, I’ve learnt who should be in my life and who shouldn’t, and with the great friends and family I have around me I am able to do anything I set my mind to. I’m looking forward to fun adventures and concerts I’ve planned with friends and another trip to rundisney in Paris with my girls. I love to plan ahead but part of me needs to learn to go with the flow and take each day as it comes. Without a BIG holiday to focus on my attention is going to be in the smaller details, I’m going to work hard to better my self in all areas, work, Aerial, running and my all round life balance.

So thank you for following me this year, I’ve loved sharing parts of my life. I hope you’ve all had a wonderful year and have an even more wonderful 2018.


One thought on “2017: My year in review

  1. Brilliant blog post Megan and such great memories of the year. Difficulties only make us stronger. I hope 2018 is an amazing year for you. I cant wait to see where it takes you and also see you smash your first marathon.

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