Dear Megan. An honest open letter to myself.

Apologies in advance this is going to be a long emotional post… Look away now if you aren’t interested. I won’t take offence. ๐Ÿ˜‰

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Clicking the unfollow button

The beauty of social media is that you can choose to follow or unfollow anyone you like.

Over the years I’ve followed or been followed by people I’ve met all over the place or through a stem of different interests I’ve had. I’ve often really liked a TV show and followed the cast, only to may years later not be particularly interested in said show/cast anymore.

I love using instagram/twitter to connect with like minded people, especially those encouraging people in the running community. I try to keep facebook for real life friends but have a select from from social media groups etc who I’ve yet to meet but intend too. I’ve met most of my close friends through social media after months/years of talking online.

Recently social media become a place where I was constantly comparing my highlights to everyone else’s. When you don’t know them personally and all you are seeing are their highlights, you can often feel like your life doesn’t match up in comparison. We are all guilty of posting our highlights, I do it myself, but I’ve become more open in my captions, I will tell people when I post something positive that I didn’t get there without the negatives.

I try and refrain from posting a lot of negative stuff too. There once was a time all I would use twitter for was to vent, because it was a place my friends and family weren’t and my twitter was a big black hole, fully of crappy emotional posts and indirect comments about things happening in my life.

I recently unfollowed 400 accounts on instagram and a few on twitter too. Many were celebrities or bloggers I followed I no longer liked. I mainly unfollowed for my Mental Health, you could be the nicest person in the world, but if something you are putting out there is having a negative effect on me (which isn’t an issue with the person) then I’m going to unfollow for my own sanity.

I think people start to care more when their intent is to launch their career. Whether you are a writer, blogger, youtuber or anything else. If your job connects to the amount people that follow you and subscribe to your content then I can understand why you may take the numbers a little more seriously/personally.

Yes, I blog, but if only 1 person reads it and values my voice then I still appreciate it. I never started this blog with the intent of making it an option for income, and never have I made anything from doing this. I love talking about my running, my mental health and everything and anything in between. I don’t thrive off the likes, but I do thrive when someone sends me a message telling me how much they appreciated what I wrote or how much they could relate to it.

Moral of the story is – CARE LESS. Your vibe attracts your tribe. People that want to see you on their timeline will follow you and people who don’t won’t. It’s as simple as that. Don’t be offended if you aren’t someone’s cup of tea.