Weekly Update: 21 Miles. 

Happy Sunday! I hope you’ve had a great week! 

I had a rest day on Monday after a weekend of drinking (wooops). 

On Tuesday I went to my regular Aerial class, and for the first time in forever I really didn’t enjoy it. I hate to say it but it was awful! If you remember my last post I did a few classes on my day off, because I haven’t done Hoop or Trapeze for a long time, or much at flying fantastic I had to do the beginners class (even though I felt I could have done the more advance side). Back to Tuesday’s class it was packed because of their august offer, which is unlimited Aerial for august for £150 (which I didn’t purchase because I can’t commit to many classes due to work and life). Our advanced side of the slings class was packed, so I didn’t get much sling time or much help or feedback, so doesn’t help me improve really. At the end of the lesson we play a game called “add on” we each get up and do a move one by one adding on to those before us. There were 8 of us in total. At this point it was clearly recognised that people who were on the advance side had no clue how to actually get on the slings! It was rather frustrating for me because I would technically be paying more than they would have for this class and getting way less for my money! It angered me. To top it off, putting my shoes on in the lobby on the way out someone elbowed me in the head. I had truly had enough! I ran home directly, a short quick run because I was frustrated and hungry! 

Mum ordered a Hello Fresh box this week and we tried one of the recipes! 

It was super yummy. I love halloumi cheese! 

I got up early Wednesday and did my four miles before work! It was a decent pace and a comfortable run. 

Thursday morning, I got up and went to a core class at Ministry for Fitness. I’ve only ever tried cardio before so it was nice to try another class. 

I had another rest day on Friday, and met the birthday girl Leanne after work for a Steak dinner. 

On Saturday I did 3 miles as per the training plan, practising for the back to back race days in Disney. 

I cooked another HelloFresh meal, Aubergine Tagelitelle! 

I had a nice chill out evening and rested a lot after my many early mornings this week! 

On Sunday I ran a couple of miles and met Emma at Vauxhall. We then ran 9 Miles together. 

Overall we slow in comparison to the rest of the week but still a good run, we walked and chatted a lot and was great practise for Disneyland Paris!

Emma is a great runner and a great friend – she’s kept me laughing all week, and been a great support this week! 

21 running miles under my belt this week and lots more walking too and from work. 

I’ve been feeling generally really good this week! I’m getting more comfortable with my make up free face and have received lots of comments of encouragement for embracing the more natural look! 

I dyed my hair this afternoon and I’m getting it cut this week and hoping the refresh will keep me feeling confident in my own skin. 

I’m looking forward to my weekend at the Peak District next weekend, where I’ll be aiming to be social media free. I doubt I will post a weekly Update and will save for the following week!


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