Weekly Update: Slow Progress

Hey All! 

This will be a quick update of my week because I am exhausted and too lazy to type! 

Tuesday – I went to Aerial. It was a good lesson. I was slightly late as I had some drama at work that royally pissed me off and made me late so I sprinted the 1ish mile to Aerial from work. Being pissed off made me work harder and I noticed small progress in some moves I’d tried before and not quite managed. 

I ran home from Aerial, it was a very short slow run. PMS began to hit me hard this week so I my energy and mood took a massive dip this week. 

On Thursday I really would have liked to do more than 3.25 miles but my body was basically giving up on me, my mental and physical willpower had disappeared. I stuck to an easy small run so I didn’t make myself feel worse. 

On Saturday I officially started my challenge training – meaning I ran on the Saturday and Sunday in preparation for the back to back race days at Disney! It was only two miles but I got up early to do them so I had the rest of the day. In the afternoon I took a nap and woke up with the worse headache, I’d been drinking fluids all day, so didn’t think I was dehydrated or anything. I went to make some food and I vomited a couple of times, I tried eating and vomited once more. I took tablets laid in the dark, drank plenty and cried lots! I managed to eat some toast right before I went to sleep for the night but I felt so awful I just didn’t know what to do. 

Sunday – I woke up and felt better, my headache was still there so I took tablets again. I set off at quarter past 7 for a run, I stopped a few times because I was still feeling a bit iffy. I ran from home to Lambeth bridge, round to Vauxhall, nine elms, battersea, Wandsworth, and then finished near Wimbledon Village. 10 miles in total! I got a little lost but was good to take it slow and steady and work out where I was. I ran/walked and still kept to good time. 

I met Leah for a coffee and we cheered on Emma and other runners at the Runthrough Wimbledon Common Half Marathon. I’ve really enjoyed cheering people on lately. We joined Lizzie and her husband and we went for food! We had such a good afternoon and I’m so glad I got out. 

I do feel super tired now but it was well worth it. I’ve ran more than 50 miles this month and this is he second time since I’ve started running I’ve done this so I am very happy with that! Considering I’ve not run a big race this month and I’ve had time off for my birthday this is quite an achievement! This week was overall quite slow for me BUT that’s acceptable as the miles get longer. As long as I’m progressing I’m happy with that!

Next week isn’t a big one for miles but I have a lot of fun stuff going on!

Hope everyone has had a great week! 


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