Weekly Update: Celebrating and Prepping

Hi All,

Apologies, I missed a week because I was very busy.

So what have I been up to the past two weeks?

Last Tuesday – I went to my regular sling class,  it was again fun and challenging. At one point I epicly failed and and dropped, which I caught on video for everyone’s amusement. I wasn’t hurt and all was good. I finally managed to do one of my favourite drops as a double and that made me very happy.

I went for a short run after Aerial, it was chucking it down and I got soaked but it was worth getting out there. I’m still running at varied paces, and this was a comfortable 10.27mm, but my times overall are creeping closer to a 9mm, which is the goal pace in the long run.

On Thursday knowing I would away for the weekend, I did my long run. The plan called for 7 miles, but I ended up doing 8 miles. I was really happy with this run, and loving the comfort of running in new trainers. My fastest mile was 9.20 and slowest was 10.11 which is fantastic for me. The long runs have crept up on me and I’m almost about to embark on 4 x run weeks.

On Friday – Disaster Struck. I sat in the nail salon getting a Mani-Pedi, and when I stood up my left foot was aching. I really struggled to walk flat footed but weirdly in heels it was OK.

I spent the weekend in Manchester with Rosie celebrating my Birthday, she made me the most awesome birthday cake.

We had such a good weekend, we ate good food, we laughed loads, we shopped, we partied. I had yet another amazing birthday and I feel very blessed to have such good friends and family.

I returned to work on Monday and my ankle was still hurting. I rested as much as I could, meaning I cancelled a class at Ministry Does Fitness on Tuesday, however I was determined to race on Wednesday at Runthrough’s Chase the Sun at the Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park. On Tuesday morning, I took myself to the Doctor who said it wasn’t anything serious, possibly soft tissue damage. He just advised resting and icing. So that was what I did. I smothered my ankle in deep freeze, kept it elevated and put an ice pack on when I could. By Wednesday it had significantly improved, it was so much less painful so I decided to run. I met up with a group of people I’ve met through instgram. We all ran together and it was BRILLIANT, I wasn’t worried about time or distance, I didn’t have to push myself or my ankle too hard and I had so much FUN.

It was good to get running again after a long weekend off. I had an easy week on the training plan so I didn’t do much for the rest of the week until Sunday. I went for a 4 mile run, I felt like I was going terribly slow but it was actually a decent pace.

My training plan is starting to get serious, I need to start doing my runs two days in a row in preparation for both Disney weekends, and when I can squeeze in a 3 in a row if I can.

Next week I’m pushing for maximum effort, I’m back to aerial and hopefully I can book a class seems as I missed mine this week.


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