Weekly Update: The one where I made all the friends! 

Hello all,

It’s been a busy week. I’ve squeezed so much in.

On Tuesday I went to my usual Aerial class, the week before when I was the only person in the class, this week everyone was back we each had a sling to ourselves and all worked really hard. I did my favourite drop so many times.

My favourite Drop 💪🏻❤️👇🏻

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On Tuesday I went to Run Through’s Chase the Sun in Clapham Common. My friend Emma was running and a couple of other runners I’d followed on instagram for a while. I went and I was so anxious about meeting new people and people I’ve spoke to loads on instagram but never in person. I always think people must think I’m really weird, loud and annoying so I get really conscious of that at first.

I did the 5k in the heat, and finished just under 30 mins. This is actually my first timed 5k so was nice to have a record to now aim to beat. As usual the race was well organised fun and enjoyable. I really enjoy Run Through races so will be signing up to many more! 

After the run a few of us went for Pizza and Drinks, I was sitting with a group of people I’d never met before that evening and genuinely had the best evening. I absolutely loved it. I got out of my comfort zone today and was happy with that but still felt a bit anxious later in the evening. Thanks to all the lovely runners who made me feel so welcome! 

Run 🏃🏻‍♀️ + Pizza 🍕

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On Thursday I ran home, again it was a hot evening. I did a 5k and then rested as the week was starting to catch up with me.

On Friday I had a lovely rest day, and met up with my Friend Leah who is also running Disney to eat good food, watch the little mermaid and holiday plan.

On Saturday  I got up early and made my way to oxford street. My aim for this shopping trip was to get new trainers. I started at Asics, I was quickly disappointed when their service was AWFUL, no one wanted to serve me or make much effort. I carried on down oxford street where I went to Nike. I’ve always worn Nike trainers, I know they are comfortable and I like the style of them. The lady kindly helped me and I had a quick analysis in them. I purchased the Air Zoom structure 20, I made sure to get them a little bigger this time so that my toenails don’t fall off again (grim). They kindly gave me £20 off for spending over £100 so as instructed by my mother, who was kindly purchasing these for my birthday, I made my way back to asics for another pair. 

I went on my way back from the pride parade covered in glitter and stickers and was so happy to see different staff in there. I was helped my a lovely girl who did the in depth shoe analysis, we tested three shoes and then when testing a fourth the machines didn’t work and she made me run on the treadmill like 5 times trying to make it work. It was a bit of a faff. In the end I settled on the GT 2000 trainers. I had to go up a whole size in these. I don’t really do coloured trainers but unfortunately they didn’t have many colours to offer it was blue or bright pink. I settled on the blue as they were a bit more subtle. Because of the bad service, the annoying machines and the lack of colour in my size, the lady kindly gave me a goodie bag which had a hat, headphone, bag, and bottle inside.


Between shopping I watched the Pride Parade it was fantastic, some colleagues found me in the crowd and it was fun to spend time with them! I waited till almost the end so I could see the Disney Parade. One of the lovely runners (and actual my neighbour) Michelle, who I met on Wednesday , was part of the parade. It was lovely to watch and see everyone having fun! 


Saturday wiped me out and by the time I got home I couldn’t possibly move anymore. 

On Sunday, I woke up early and ran 4 miles finishing at Big Ben, meeting up with more lovely runners I’d followed on Instagram to cheer on all those taking place in the Virgin Sport British 10k. 

Becca provided me with some bells and we cheered from the first to the last runners. As much as I get anxious that I’m loud and annoying it comes in handy for cheering! 

Leah took part and did REALLY WELL. We got a coffee afterwards and sat in the sunshine for a bit. 

It safe to say after the past few days I’m a little kissed by the sun! 

Wednesday isn’t accurate because I started way too early and was standing still at the start.

This week has been so good!! I haven’t stuck exactly to my training plan but I’ve met so many fantastic people and really enjoyed myself. The running community is amazing and I’m so glad that I’ve gone from dipping my toes in it to running full force into it. 

I posted my transformation Tuesday post this week and got such amazing feedback. I was fully expecting lots of negativity but it was all very positive. Thank you to all the people who reached out to compliment me on the post and my achievements. I really appreciated it! Especially this one: 

Love hearing that I helped to inspire someone. MADE MY WEEK! 


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