Training Plan: July


It’s the 1st of the Month, it’s time to look at my training plan for this month!

HAPPY JULY EVERYONE. June was an ok month, I took it easy after my race in may and I did what I could. I’ve not managed many runs over the last two weeks so this is also a little update for you!

Work has been super busy recently and the summer socialising has started, I’ve come out of hibernation and been up to lots and have lots more planned.

This week I’ve only managed one run but it was a good one! I stuck just under a 9min/mile for 4 miles. Although I’m not taking Disney runs too seriously, in my future runs a consistent 9 min/mile would be the dream pace for me.

I’ve managed two races this month, the 5k Color run and Chase the sun Brixton 10k, not quite as easy as i should have been taking the month but around these I’ve been quite lazy.

One goal I didn’t complete for the month of June was to buy new trainers, as my mother has kindly offered to Purchase them for me as…


I’m excited to spend a weekend away celebrating my birthday but I am also apprehensive that my training is going to go out the window. 12 weeks and the Disneyland Paris races will all be over so I haven’t got long to squeeze training in.

Three Goals for the Month of July :

1. Start tracking my Period. This may sound so stupid but I’ve been so chill about it the last year. I want to track so I’m a little more prepared for the hormonal changes that come with it. For example this past week I’ve been due on and had some really bad PMS, my hormone changes are so significant and my energy is super Low but then a couple days into my period my energy sky rockets and I’m full of life and it’s an optimal time in my training. Because I don’t track these times I just think the worse and let it get the better of me instead of utilising this time to help myself and work my routine around it.

2. Enjoy my birthday – I usually get stressed around this year but I’m not planning a party or night out this year so I’m leaving the days plans to my best friend and we are going to celebrate just the two of us and keep it stress free.

3. Try a new class – I want to see what else is out there that I may enjoy!

Notes about this training plan: 

I have used a mixture of advice and detailed training plans from both Bupa and RunDisney (Galloway Training programs) this has helped me to schedule how far to go on my weekend runs to fit around the Challenges for Disney and my own person schedule. 

Following Tips and Tricks from the Galloway training program:

The “Magic Mile” time trial (MM) is a reality check on your goal pace on raceday, and has been the best predictor of finishing under the race time limit.


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