Weekly Update: Chasing the Sun

Hello all.

This week has been HOT HOT HOT in London. As I said last week I’ve had lots of social thing going on this week so many “Plan” kind of went out the window.

This week, I’ve seen the absolutely amazing Celine Dion, been to West End Live and spent time with some of the most amazing people in my life. Safe to say generally it’s been a good week.

I didn’t Run or Aerial on Tuesday as that’s the day I saw Celine!

On Wednesday (the hottest day of the week) I may my way to Brockwell Park for the Chase the Sun 5/10k. I met with my friend Amy who was doing her first 5k in a couple of years. I decided to do the 10k on a whim, purely because it was planned for my long run anyways on the weekend which I knew I would have difficulty doing with my social life.

Oh Boy was it hot! I believe it was about 30 degrees when we did the race but the temperature had been up to 34 degrees that day. I wore my shorts (which I don’t often do) and soaked up the sun before hand.

I managed to get a new record… My slowest 10k ever… Brockwell park has a few hills and we all know these aren’t my friend and the heat just got to me. I had some serious chub rub going on and sweat in my eyes. I participated and finished the race so I’m happy with my efforts! For once there are a few decent pictures of me from the race. There are still negatives my mind is going to focus on in the pictures (my squinty eyes, my thighs, and the tanned hairline from tanning in this crazy hot heat) BUT I’m going to look at it more positively because it’s too draining constantly falling apart after each negative, I just don’t have the time to mentally keep patching myself up after dwelling each negative thought.

I’ve had the best intentions to run the rest of the week but haven’t managed it. Work has been busy and draining and I’ve had my best friend staying over for the weekend.

My phone has been broken for a while – I’ve had a cracked screen but now it’s completely finished after another drop so if I don’t replace it soon there will be no recorded runs from me. 

Not much of an update this week. 


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