Weekly Update: Filled with Colour.

Week: 5th-11th June.

Since my half marathon two weeks ago I’ve been a bit lazy. In all honesty my laziness is mostly due to my anxiety being super annoying at the moment.

I haven’t run on the week days at all, but I did go to Aerial. It was super tough this week and I didn’t really have my head in the game… like I said anxiety.

This weekend I got out on Saturday morning and did 3 miles at a good pace. I did this because with Disney challenges coming up I’ll need to be prepared to run on consecutive days. Running on consecutive days will be coming into my running schedule soon.

Earlier in the week my lovely running friend Emma was looking for someone to run The Color Run with her on Sunday and I thought “why not?!” So we booked mid week for the weekend, I’m so glad she wanted to do it because it gave me a bit of motivation that I needed this week.

The Color Run is a 5km course through several colour stations and a foam station too! It was very slow to start but was an easy course to run despite all the walkers. We slowed down for the stations and I got ourselves covered in paint powder.


Before & After the run! 

So the course wasn’t exactly 5k but who cares right? It was full of fun and very messy.

The Color Run was the first race I ever did a year ago and I can’t believe how much I’ve achieved in the past year! Even though right now I feel at a bit of a low, I’m really proud of everything I’ve achieved! I’ve put in so much hard work and effort, and this is only the beginning of what I hope is a long, eventful and amazing journey with running. There is so much I want to do with this journey and so much I can improve on, but the only person I can rely on for this is myself, I really need to dig deep to make some positives steps towards my progression at the moment. I’m super grateful for all of my wonderful supportive friends old and new.

Going into the second year of racing and I’m so excited for all the races I’ve got coming up! Happy Raceiversary to me


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