Weekly Update: Back to the beginning.

Week: 29th May- 4th June

Hello 😊

My first half marathon of the year is done and the training plan has reset and I’m in the low running numbers. I’m taking it easy because mentally I haven’t been in a good place recently and I’ve found everything really overwhelming.

After my half marathon I made sure to stretch and roll as much as I could and I felt a little sore on the Monday but by Tuesday I felt ok. My toenails didn’t hurt as badly as the last half marathon but my hip suffered the worse this time.

I went to my regular Aerial Sling class thinking “I can’t do this, I’m going to struggle so much, my teacher will hate me cause I’ll probably just sit in the corner and take pics for others and not actually do anything” turns out Aerial was ok and I could do most of it. I even managed to do a move I haven’t been able to do in weeks.  I was a little bit proud of myself for achieving this move.

I didn’t run throughout the week because I just couldn’t face it. I’ve been so low in mood I’ve not wanted to do anything but lay in bed all week.

On Saturday I decided to go to another Aerial class, I did Trapeze which if you have read any of my Aerial posts you’ll know I started with this years ago but haven’t done it much since. It was a small class but they were doing really hard stuff so I struggled my way through it. I fell out of one move and have some serious bruises to show for it.

It was a really nice day in Saturday so I took my Yoga mat to the roof and did some stretching and then some handstand practise.

I haven’t don’t handstands for so long, I used to be quite good in my contortion/Acro days! I was impressed I managed to hold my handstands for a couple of seconds. I’m going to try and practise these more.

On Sunday I went for a run my plan was for 4 miles but I managed a 5k.

I feel like I need to do more small runs to get my miles up. I’m just going to try when I’m up to it to run home from work.

I’m going to take it easy still as my Mental Health comes first. Lately I’ve been feeling disconnected from my body. It’s not that I don’t like what I see, it’s more like I don’t feel like this is me, I feel disconnected from the view in the mirror or pictures I see. It’s weird I’m not sure what going on and I don’t know how to manage it.

Anyways in the past Ten months I have achieved a lot and I am proud of myself. I’m going to continue to work hard even though I’m finding it really difficult right now.


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