Weeks 11&12

Oh Dear, I truely fell off the running wagon two weeks before my race. 

Firstly I’ve been busy so rearranging my runs has been tricky and the days I tried I got absolutely drowned out by the weather. I managed to get out Last Sunday for 4 miles but didn’t managed the six I had planned or any other runs. 

This week (week 12) has been difficult, I’ve not felt myself and had a lot on my mind. There has been a lot going on in the Country right now and I’ve been waiting to hear wether the Great Manchester Half Marathon would even go ahead. 

Well I’m pleased to say the race is on and I will be travelling to Manchester this weekend and running 13.1 miles around one of the greatest cities. 

I’ve given up on any training runs this week  but I know I have the miles in my legs and I will get through this half marathon even if it isn’t my greatest time. The next you’ll hear from me will be a race update! 

Wish me luck! 


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