Week 10

YAY! 10 Weeks of Training Done.

I’ve had a good week generally because I’ve done lots of things, spent lots of time with friends, worked hard on different projects, and got some amazing feedback on my Mental Health Post.

Tuesday – I kept my run light and easy after aerial. It was good, a great pace for a short run for me.
Thursday – I kept it short again, I didn’t want to over exert myself with such a busy week and a big run on the weekend. In previous weeks I will get to the end of the week and be completely exhausted that I won’t do the run long – and these are the runs I need to put in all the work.

 Sunday – I DID 12 MILES – FINALLY. Ok, my shoes are on their last legs, only another two weeks to make it through on these and then I’m getting a new pair. I got lost on this run! I ran to Battersea park and then looped round and then tried to run home via Starbucks – I got lost on the last half a mile of my route. The last 3 miles I really struggled with – firstly because I was bored doing loops, and secondly because I’ve lost my appetite recently and I wasn’t fueled enough – Stuff I need to work on the next two weeks.

My splits for this long run were terrible BUT overall I still managed a good time and think I can do a little better for the Great Manchester Half Marathon in two weeks!




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