Nothing but a Number

Weight is nothing but a number so tell me why I’ve felt I’m of more value if the number on the scale is lower.

No more will I do this!
Today I weighed myself for the first time in three months, despite all my efforts with my training plan, I’d lost 1lb since my last weigh in. At the peak of my training last year I lost a stone and I don’t think I look any different to that point last year.
I’m sitting Bang in the middle of my highest and lowest weights since starting my running journey. According to the NHS calculator when I started running I was overweight, and I now sit in the top end of the three stone bracket for my height.

It’s really bloody hard to notice changes in yourself, so I can understand how we can rely on the scales to show us the difference. What the scales don’t account for is muscle/fat ratio, your abilities (maybe you are stronger or more flexible than before) and hormonal changes in your body. In my personal journey I have noticed that I’ve got stronger and faster and there may have been some muscle gain, that I’m generally a lot less bloated, and that my skin, teeth, and hair at a lot healthier looking. Now your weight isn’t showing you what’s in the mirror or the positive changes you feel mentally, so why do we continue to let a silly number dictate so many things. I’m guilty of not eating the food I want to eat because I’ve not seen enough change on the scales, I’ve also been guilty of throwing in the towel and not working out to plan because I think “what does it matter this isn’t making a difference”. Well this has to stop.
I’m not longer phased by the number on the scale, maybe I’m a little heavier than average for my height but do you know what my body can do:

  • I can climb aerial apparatus and make beautiful shapes and performing tricks.
  • I can run 13.1 miles in good time and have fun whilst doing it.
  • I can smile and enjoy an evening out with friends without counting calories or restricting myself.
  • I can eat my favourite foods whenever I like (I’m looking at you grilled cheese and konditor and cook curly wurly cake).
  • I can look in the mirror and love what I see.
  • And finally I can look damn right fantastic naked (and have others agree on this).



Now I don’t believe that I should go out and gain lots of weight because the scales don’t matter, but I should measure myself on how I feel and what my body can achieve. In learning to love and accept the body, positive changes have just followed. I am no longer valued as person because of the weight I am, I’m valued because I’ve chosen to love myself and others have seen the positive changes in me.



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