Week 9

This week has been ok, after the excitement of the past weekend with my friend here I’m exhausted catching up with everything and getting over the last bit of illness.

Aerial on Tuesday was great, I worked really hard and managed to do some moves I’ve never done before. 

I ran home but my timer didn’t set for the whole run, so I think I did about double the time and distance.

On Thursday I did 6 miles, my body wasn’t feeling it and but generally the time wasn’t too bad. 

On Friday I went to aerial practise and it was a good session, I need to get more confident going to practise sessions and having a clear idea of what I want to do and practise. Again I wasn’t feeling 100% so my body wasn’t cooperating with me. 

This weekend my mental health has taken a battering with a lot of things on my mind. I’m sad I’ve drifted from my plan but I’m confident that I will do ok in my half marathon. My plan is to try and stick to my 12 mile long run next weekend and 6 miles the weekend after. 


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