Week 7

This week has been a tough one 😦

Yet again, Tuesday was a short run. I made more effort on mileage on Thursday and I was generally happier I managed to maintain a better pace, I felt more comfortable. 

Unfortunately on Thursday morning, I woke up ill. I pushed through Thursday but by the weekend I was very unwell and not at all able to run. 

However I did go out and support the London Marathon. I don’t think it helped being ill but I had a great day with friends cheering on all the runners. 

It was amazing to see all shapes, sizes and ages running. It was actually a really emotional day seeing everyone do so well and running for good causes. 

I met up with Leah, she will also be running in Paris & Florida later this year and we plan on running some races together. We bought the Disney spirit to London and it was fantastic.

The Marathon was such an inspiration for me today, I can’t wait to run my half marathon in a few weeks, no matter what, I’m going to give it my all.


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