Week 6 

I’m at the half way point in my training plan between starting and my first half marathon. 

Right now I feel pretty terrible, I have no motivation or willpower for all the running I need to do and pretty disheartened by the times I’m seeing. 

I’m struggling with pace and my legs still a bit iffy from injury and I just don’t feel on top form.

Tuesday evening I ran home from Aerial again. This is such a short route I had to circle the park a bit now it’s lighter. I may have to go the opposite direction and extend this route now because it’s becoming kinda pointless to run on this evening.

Thursday I did more than my 45 min run and and did 5 miles to St James park and then home from work. 

Sunday (today) I was supposed to do 8 miles. I pushed myself out for a run even though I didn’t want to and ended up doing 4.5 miles. Which really isn’t great. 

I’m still stopping a lot and feel super slow, I’m not out of breathe or anything but I feel sluggish and like I mentally cannot do this. HOW DID I DO THIS BEFORE?! 

After all my Easter schnanigans I’m going to work on fuelling my body better for running. Because I eat terribly at the moment and I don’t think that’s helping me at all. 


4 thoughts on “Week 6 

  1. I know how you feel, I too have that ‘how did I ever manage to do a half marathon?!?’ feeling. Every run feels hard, which is annoying. We can only hope I guess that the more we do it the easier it will get again. I know thats what happened the first time- so keep holding on to that and hopefully one day we’ll suddenly realise that it doesn’t feel so hard anymore 🙂

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  2. I know how you feel, but dont beat yourself up over it. All these runs will be beneficial and you’ll see the results come race day. It is a difficult process but you are working hard… keep it up 🙂

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