Week 5

This has been kind of a terrible week. I’ve been ill all week. I struggled through aerial on Tuesday but couldn’t face running that night or Thursday.

By the weekend I was feeling slightly better but not much. I chose to rest up and do my planned race on Sunday – RunThrough’s 10k @ Greenwich Park!

I’m glad I got up and did it, because it was a beautifully sunny day! As always RunThrough events are super well managed and lots of fun.

I had a running buddy today who hasn’t run much since doing a half marathon a couple weeks ago, we both took it easy today and I’m glad we did!

Greenwich has the most horrendous hill, that not once on the three laps could I continuously run up. It knackered me out – maybe I need to add more hilly runs to my training! It was also a hot 22-24 degrees during the run so that made it slightly more challenging!

I didn’t run my fastest 10k not even close but I had a lot of fun today and smashed a personal goal… WEARING SHORTS TO RUN.

I mentioned a while ago that I got some lululemon shorts in a sample sale, I finally wore them somewhere other than physio! This was such a massive hurdle for me confidence wise! 

Anyways, it was a great day! 



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