Week 4

week 4, and March has finally met April!

Tuesday’s run was terrible. After a great aerial class my legs felt ready to run, but seconds in the calf burn came back and was horrendous.

After a few nights of intense stretching and hot baths, Thursday was much better. The solution was caffeine. I’d given up caffeine for lent, and had to break it (it wasn’t a religious thing for me anyways). It helped so much. I haven’t found any benefits from cutting down on caffeine and since drinking decaf I have the most sensitive teeth so I’m happy to add small doses of caffeine back into my life! It’s definitely taught me a lot about where I spend my money though!

Sunday’s run was AMAZING. Spring has well and truly sprung and it was a warm 14 degrees outside. I ran to a very busy Buckingham palace and then around Hyde park. I stopped often to take in my surrounding and re-evaluate what my body was up to but I don’t think it was too bad.



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