Week 3

Three weeks into my training plan, lets see where I’m at.

This week I sneaked in a little extra exercise. One of my goals this month was to try something as a way of cross training. So my lovely running friend Emma introduced me to Ministry Does Fitness. We did a cardio class on Monday evening. It was challenging because I haven’t done a high intensity class for a long time, but I wasn’t as bad as I thought I would be. I enjoyed doing battle ropes and kettle bells but I did not enjoy treadmill sprints or box jumps. After the class, I did the slowest run/walk home as my calves were incredibly tight.

On Tuesday I went back to aerial, it was great to be back and I felt much better than I did a couple of weeks ago. I ran home, again quite slowly because my DAMN CALVES.

Thursdays run was a bit better, after all the commotion in London on Wednesday, I ran along the south bank and reflected on what a wonderful city I live in.

Sunday (Today) was rather hard. I managed 6 miles but even after stretching, foam rolling, soaking in the bath, rubbing deep heat into my legs and taking vitamins my legs were still very tight and sore. My mind was init to run 6mi no problem but I couldn’t shake this horrible feeling in my legs. It’s making me dread the thought of doing 8mi next week.

I need to start getting my pace up in the week, I should be covering more miles in 30-45 minutes but right now I’m seriously lacking any energy during my weekday runs.


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