Week 2

I’m in week two of my training plan.

So I started my week on Wednesday because I had plans seeing the amazing show; DREAMGIRLS on Tuesday night. I needed a week away from aerial as well so it was good to relax a bit on that from. Wednesday’s run was slow and hard. I’m finding running in the evenings difficult because I’m tired from work and I’ve cut out caffeine so I’m currently in Zombie mode.

Thursday was a little better, I managed to get my average pace down a little. I’m quite happy doing my evening runs between a 10-11mi/mile.
Sunday (today) was great except silly me thought I had to do 4 miles when my plan actually said 5. Was only when I was finished and getting into the shower that I realised. Oh well. I still managed to get running even though I felt tired and didn’t really want to run! Surprisingly I was actually quite fast. I thought I might have got my fastest 5k. BUT the Nike running app was telling me all this time that my best 5k was 29:46 but today it’s decided that my best 5k was in September in a 10 mile run before I did my Disneyland Paris Half marathon. Crazy! So now the time to beat is 26:54, I came close today at approx 27:20. Gave me a little confidence in myself that I’m doing better than I think sometimes.

So far I’m enjoying my training plan because I can take it easy in the week and it’s paying off on my long runs on a Sunday! Pace is good, just need to work on my stamina and distance.


I’m trying something new next week so stay tuned for that…


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