Week 1

Training has started and week 1 is complete.

Tuesday was shocking. It was terribly hard and I ended walking ALOT, hence the the slow time. I was in a terrible mood after feeling like a bit of failure in aerial, I’m still unable to do a lot due to recovering from injury so I was very frustrated and felt very defeated.

Thursday was a little bit more consistent I took small waking intervals, but was very pleased to be back in the 10-11min/mi region!

Sunday (today) was so much better. It felt soooo difficult at first. I felt like I was running in slow motion and kept trying to get past the mental block and push through! I got to half way and was pretty shocked to see I was on time to get my fastest 5k, though I didn’t and missed out by 10 seconds I still felt quite fabulous that my pace was under 10min/mi.

I’m glad the week is over and I’ve got back into the swing of things.

Next week I have a lot going on so I might rearrange my running days. If you haven’t seen my training plan, check out my previous post here all about it.


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