Sunday Stretching 

As I’ve been preparing myself to start a new training plan but have also been injured, I’ve spent a lot of time resting and stretching.

This week I’ve been focusing on my back, I’ve been working a lot harder on my upper body recently to conpensate for the mess my legs are currently in.

I recently rearranged my space so I had more room for stretching. It’s surrounded by positive quotes and candles. Makes me feel happy and relaxed.

I love following videos on YouTube like Yoga with Adriane. Today after working through a couple of videos I did some of my own stretches that I would consider my favourite and I like to work on a lot.

Downward Dog: 

Then I try pushing through my shoulders, head to mat.
Child’s pose is always a favourite of mine.

I like raising my bum and pushing through my shoulders aiming to get my chest flat on my mat. 

I love backbends and bridges. I used to do contortion regularly but unfortunately I am no longer that flexible.

Firstly I like to do them with bent legs and try and walk my hands and feet closer together, then I like to do them with straight legs and push further over my shoulders.


Today I’m wearing Lotus Leggings in a black Mermaid print and my lululemon bralette. The leggings are great and don’t go see throughout but as you can probably see they do come down a bit in the back.

What are your favourite stretches?

Training plan starts tomorrow.


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