Update: January

So I’ve not managed to get weekly updates in as (lets be honest) nothing much is happening, no races in the near future, so for now, I’m plodding along and keeping my fitness up the best that I can.

So now as February begins, let’s take a little look at the miles covered in January.

Overall: 37.11 miles covered in 9 runs with an average pace of 10’44″/mi

January has been a month of slowly pushing myself back into a routine, as I’ve never had to train in the cold winter, it’s new for me to be braving the weather in order to work out. I have also been training with my housemate, so our runs together have been a little slower, but my solo runs have been pushing back to my average race pace.


In January I have trained hard not only running, but with Aerial too, and I am starting to see progress. Now I have my new Lululemon gear, it’s making me “commute” runs easier, especially in this cold weather.

My Goals for February:

  • Incorporate the Gym into my routine, work on upper body strength.
  • Start getting into a race training routine of running Tuesday-Thursday-Sunday as later in the year I’ll start including Saturdays a build up to running consecutive days for the Two Course Challenge at Wine & Dine.
  • Push myself on the shorter runs.
  • Create a routine at Aerial, and work on cleaner lines and flexibility.
  • Eat more fruit & Hydrate more.


Also I may have entered the Ballot for Royal Parks…one more race can’t hurt can it?




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