Weekly Update: Jan 02-08

Hooray, we survived the first week of January.

For me it’s been a good week! Ihaven’t had a goal in mind to train for so I’ve been anxiously waiting to sign up for runDisney races later on this month and next couple of months.

In the meantime I brought myself this snazzy bottle from Primark (£4) to help with my goal to drink more water… this is super difficult for me but I’m giving it my best shot.

On Monday after returning from a lovely weekend over new year in Kirkham, I did my weekly food shop and went for a run with my housemate who is training for a half marathon in March.

We did a reasonable 5km in 37 mins, which for me wasn’t bad as it was rather consistent and comfortable since my half marathon in October. I really want to work on consistency as I have struggled with this in runs previous to my halfs.

On Tuesday I had my first aerial class of the year, I was feeling super bloated after Christmas break, and wasn’t feeling great after going back to work too. We have a new teacher who seems great and had some real challenging moves to work on, it’s a shame I felt a little low but I’m excited to try again next week.

On Wednesday, I ran solo and did 5km in 31:31 minutes, which is a lot better than I expected going out alone. I really worked hard on my pacing and pushing through when I wanted to give up (because I’m super lazy!).

On Saturday, my housemate kindly took me along for her longer run of the week, we did 8km. A slow 8km, but 8km none the less, my legs were a little sore today but nothing serious, just my body telling me I need to stretch a little better after each run. Which I did.

Current Mood: Anxious… and just want to hibernate until the worry of booking big races is out of my mind. With plans to sign up for W&D in November, I’m seeking advice everywhere I can, this leaves me in a weird state of excitement but horrible anxiety because I truly have my heart set on big things this year and I’m already worried I won’t get to do them. To tide me over I booked a RunThrough 10k in Battersea park for the 21st of January, I’m going to try and do small local races often to keep me motivated and earn more bling.




4 thoughts on “Weekly Update: Jan 02-08

  1. Wine and Dine is a great race, you’ll love it! Sign up’s haven’t been quite as crazy as of late for rundisney but I’d recommend being on the computer ready to register as soon as it opens to ensure you get what you want! Good luck with it 🙂

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    • Yes, I’ll be ready to sign up as soon as registration opens, did you find you were waiting for hours in an online queue as registration opens at 5pm and I have somewhere to be at half 6 😢 i hope to get Paris again this year too and if I can get both I can do castle to chateau! Are you planning anymore Disney races?


      • No, we were lucky, we managed to get straight in and didnt have to queue. It was still very nerve wracking though – I felt a lot better once it was done and I knew I was in so I can understand your feelings completely! I don’t think registrations have been quite so crazy since then so hopefully you’ll be ok and won’t have to wait to long


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