January Wishlist


It’s January and everyone’s got cracking on their new years resolutions, 2017 will be a big year for me, I have some personal goals I want to work on, and some fitness goals too.

I constantly have a list as long as my arm of things I want, most things never get brought because I feel guilty splurging on myself and would rather put the money into experiences.

Each month I will try and give you an insight into whats on my current wish list, be it fitness related or not.

Towards the end of 2016, I went to a Lululemon sample sale, I managed to bag myself running shorts (I have never run in shorts before and plan to take that leap this year), two sports bras, a running jacket and and long sleeved running top. I’m a little bit in love with the running top and jacket, they have kept me warm on my runs home over December. At the sample sale they had some amazing bags, however they didn’t have one suitable for running at this sample sale, so I’ve been looking at Lululemon often and decided I want the Run all day backpack:

runallday backpack.PNG


I think this is a great backpack and an appropriate size for what I need it for. I would be able to fit all my work stuff inside and run home with it on. I like the double straps across the front, because this is something my current backpack is lacking and it moves around a lot. This backpack is also small and compact and should be lighter on my runs.

The second thing on my wish list is a little bit more of an unrealistic purchase; an Apple watch. I love having all my products sync up and I love using my Nike + Run Club app and the watch would do everything I need it to do in order to track my fitness and so much more. However it’s pricey and to top it all off, I would really need to invest in a new laptop to sync and back up everything that I currently use as well as this. For now I will keep desiring this and a Mac Book pro to complete my current family of gadgets.


Finally, I want more footwear. I want new trainers for just general walking, some for running, and I’m starting to think about what my 2017 race shoes will be. I would also like to treat myself to some UGG slippers, because a) I love to lounge b) They are super cosy.

Most of my wishlist id unrealistic for me to buy right now, I will continue to lust over them for the time being. This year is all about savings for me and the biggest wish right now is that I get the places for all the races I’d like to do this year!





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