Weekly Update:5th – 11th September

It has been a great running week…

…But the week didn’t start great.

Monday: I ran a very stop/start 5km, my Nike + Running App didn’t record it either. I was still suffering with a hangover and it was so difficult to push myself today. I got out there and did my best but it wasn’t great.

Tuesday: Rest Day

Wednesday: I set my Nike + Running app to update me every 15mins instead of at every mile. This made ALL THE DIFFERENCE! Less pressure on times per mile, then I could look back at the end and compare miles.

Today I pushed myself and it was so worth it! I managed 8 miles… My longest run yet. I just went with it and enjoyed this run so much. I ran my usual route down the mall round Buckingham palace and then over to Hyde park and ran by the water.

It was a really good pace for me, I did stop a few times which isn’t included in the time above but I’m happy with the time I did it in!

Here are my splits:

I find running around the park helps the miles go faster for some reason. My legs were very tired afterwards but I did a nice stretch out and didn’t feel too sore the next day!

Thursday- Saturday: Rest Days, I had planned to run home from work on Friday but I had to be somewhere and didn’t have time to get myself sorted!

Sunday: I woke up at 7am and left by quarter past. I ran 10miles. I don’t know where the stamina to do this came from but I really enjoyed it. It was so peaceful early in the morning and a lovely cool day. My only regret is I didn’t take water, though I had drunk plenty the night before I really needed some for the run. I made it through the 10 miles and rehydrated plenty afterwards.

Here are the splits:

I peaked in the middle again! I was more consistent today and stopped a lot less. I would say my stopping time was a total of 15 mins all together. So I am prepared to add this amount of time onto my total time of 1:35:39.

I’m now at the maximum I wanted to do before the Disneyland Paris half marathon and I am so pleased. I am so much more confident that I can do it now. I am just going to do a few more shorter runs until race day!

Mixing up the routine next week as I need to prepare to be thrown off my routine with travelling etc so I’m working around it.
2 weeks left to go, don’t forget you can find al the details to sponsor me on my previous post here.


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