Weekly Update: 29th August – 4th September

20 days to go… Not freaking out or anything.

Monday: I did a 7 Mile Run. It was ok, pushing for distance and not time, it was a steady 10″30″/mi pace.

Tuesday: Rest Day

Wednesday: I did a 10k in just over an hour, at a good 10″02″/mi pace, I was pleased with this and would like to push more towards this pace for the second race.

Thursday: Rest Day

Friday: I did a easy 5k at 10″28″/mi

Saturday & Sunday: I had every intention to do a long run, but I was suffering the the mother of all hangovers and I didn’t get out.

I’m please I managed a long run, even it was thrown off my routine. I’m obviously disappointed that I didn’t manage a longer run on the weekend, but I it’s a new week and I have lots of runs to smash this week.

I can’t believe how close it is now, I’m excited and nervous!

*Sorry it’s a short one today*



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