Weekly Update: 22nd-28th August

So after a couple of not-so-good weeks which I can fully admit has been down to distraction, I finally have the time to get back into the swing of things!

You can read about my previous week here!

After being away for a festival, I didn’t make it out on Monday so I switched my routine up a bit and went out on Tuesday. The heat really got me as London was a hot and humid 30 degrees. I ran a bit but then ended up walking most of my 5k run.

I rested Wednesday and headed back out on Thursday determined to run better than before. I did a 6 mile run at an average of 10″20/mi which isn’t bad. After the last couple of weeks I can’t be picky so I’m just thankful I managed to get my butt out there.

My next run was on Saturday morning, I’ve been having a hard time and crisis of confidence so I went out to destress. It worked, I sweat out a lot of alcohol consumed from the night before too! I did 5km at a pace of 10″17/mi, by far not my best 5k but not my worse.

On Sunday, one of my best friends dragged me out of my bed for breakfast and a leg and ab workout in the gym… I’m thankful for friends like this who get me back to me when I’m not feeling myself. I definitely need to hit the gym more, it’s funny how unfit I have gotten on that side of things since my running has improved… You can’t have it all can you?

Three things I’m proud of this week:

1. I always have a problem with running over bridges, the up bit kills me off and I end up walking. This week I smashed Vauxhall bridge not once but twice!!!

2. Despite feeling like the worst of the worst, I managed to pull through and stick to a good pace.

3. Even though I have been distracted a lot and ate ALOT, I have not put on a single bit of weight woohoo!

I can already tell you the next week is gunna start well, I’m determined to pack in more and work harder this week to get closer to my goals.
27 days to go…


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