Weekly Update: I’ve been busy 1st-14th of August

It’s been two long weeks without updates. I’m really sorry, it’s been a very busy two weeks.

I am now 41 Days out from the Disneyland Paris Half Marathon and 55 Days out from Royal Parks. The Donations have started to roll in and fundraising is well underway. If you would like to sponsor me please click HERE to do so.

Lets rewind to 2 weeks ago. I had done a few poor attempts to run and with a busy schedule I had aimed to do a couple of 5k runs and a 10k. I managed to squeeze in a 5k on Tuesday (02/08) at a pace of 10″31/mi, a 10k on Wednesday at 10″33/mi and a 5k on Thursday at 10″29/mi.

My Thursday Run was the finale of my work Charity event, where we raising over £6000 for our Two Charities. We covered the (virtual) distance from our London offices to Afghanistan and almost all the way back again. It was a great team effort.  Here are all the fun runners about to start the 5k.


I found this week tough! – I’m loosing the bug and not really with it. I was disappointed as I had got a faster pace and I felt like this week was a step backwards.

The week after 8th-14th, was filled by events and holidays. I spent most the week in Venice. I did a lot of walking and ate well but unfortunately was unable to run on my trip. I also had a lot of aches and pains as soon as I took this break from running but now I’m back I feel like my body has had a well deserved rest.

I’m now in panic mode – 41 Days until my race – 6 weeks and the maximum I’ve gotten too is 6 miles. I could cry at how disappointed I am with myself and how distracted I have been. I also am at a festival all weekend so may not have many opportunities to run this week either. So I will run every evening this week and try once more to push for 10k’s rather than 5k’s. When I am back from my festival I will be doing a nice long run.

One positive is that I have brand new trainers! I ordered a pair of Nike Lunatempo 2 in the sale and they arrive just before my holiday. I’m excited to start running in them and hopefully have a little bit more stability and hold then my previous trainers. They aren’t the best or most ideal running trainers but I couldn’t afford to waste anymore time or money looking for a pair.

Once again, thank for your support. If anyone has any advice how to get me over the finish line in 6 weeks, I would really appreciate that!




2 thoughts on “Weekly Update: I’ve been busy 1st-14th of August

  1. 6 weeks is still time. I’d try to get as close to 10 miles as you can before then, do a 7 mile this week, then an 8 next week then a 9 then a 10 and then taper. Adrenaline will get you the extra 3 miles on the day! Also, especially for the disney run, if you are undertrained don’t worry too much. Disney run’s are super fun, just enjoy the experience and don’t put pressure on yourself to do a good time, stop for character photo ops and walk if you need too, there will be plenty of people doing run/walk intervals etc. Just enjoy it! It will be a half marathon like no other!!

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