Weekly update: 25th-31st July

Hi all,

This will be a Brief weekly update!

This week hasn’t been so great, as I just haven’t been feeling myself, I’ve tried to run and take my mind off of things but unfortunately this hasn’t helped.

This week I only Managed to the run 5km on Monday, Friday and Sunday. Monday was a scorcher and a slow run in comparison to my recent 5km runs at 10″29″/mi but Friday and Sunday I stuck under a 10″/mi pace which I’m happy with. I wish I had done more but sometimes it’s just not possible when life gets in the way.

My aim for this week is to do a 3 x 5km and 1 longer run. Due to going on holiday on Sunday and working the weekend as well it may be difficult to fit all of these in, but I will try my hardest.

Even though I have not long been back from Barcelona, I’m off to Venice this week and I can’t wait to have the sun on my face and to relax and enjoy my time with my Best Friend!

As always…


P.s Don’t forget to check out how I’m fundraising HERE.


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