Weekly update: 18th- 24th July

Hello all,

As you may have noticed, I missed a week! This was because I was in Barcelona and celebrating my birthday (I haven’t done a full Barcelona blog as I’ve been a busy bee this week!) and as much as I would have liked to stick to my regular training I couldn’t! This was due to delayed luggage, I arrived in Barcelona on Monday night and didn’t received my luggage to Thursday morning. I wasn’t impressed!

So from Thursday onward I trained each morning, only a little bit of cardio each morning but something is better than nothing.

So onto this week…


Travelling back from Barcelona.


Back to work, and back to walking. Went for a long walk on the south bank after work!


First run since being back, 3.11 miles at 9″35″ per mile! Smashed my personal best despite it being 29 degrees in muggy London!

My fastest 5k at 29:45 and my fastest mile at 09:06.


Rest day


Another 3 miles, a little slower today at 10″20 per mile


Rest day- but had a magical day out in London and walked everywhere!


Smashing goals once again I did my first 10km run! That’s 6.21miles and a massive step up in my training!

It was great time aswell for me not much slower than my best 5km… I treated myself to Starbucks at the end because yay!

In other news since the 1st of May I have lost 6lbs! Which I believe is down to my progress in outdoor runs! My intention was never to loose weight but it’s not a negative thing as I’m feeling happy and comfortable with my body as it is right now.

Also if you haven’t yet checked it out please check out my fundraising page!


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