Happy Birthday to me! (Part one)

I’m 25 years old. Crazy, I don’t feel it. Sometimes I feel like I’m an 80 year old women other days I still feel like a kid. They say that your 20’s are like the best years of your life but thus far I haven’t felt like it has been. Rather than dwell on the past I’m gunna focus on the present and the future..

My goal is always to be the best version of me I possibly can be and its been really hard at times, as there is always bound to be negitive and bad times. However right now there are some really great things going on for me.

  • I’m taking positive steps in my career and earning lots more money.
  • My friends and family are great and I have had more time to spend with them and done some amazing things recently because of them.
  • I’m starting to feel like myself again and becoming happier with what I see in the mirror, which has been a massive struggle for me of recent years.
  • I have lots to look forward to this year and even started planning some great experience for next year too.
  • I’m happy that I’m pushing myself towards running half marathons, it’s a great goal to work towards and keeping me focused and I’m loving the communities and opportunities it’s brought me.

Celebrating my birthday… Part one.

On Sunday (10th), I got together with some friends to celebrate my birthday! Good friends came out to celebrate and went above and beyond to make sure I had a great day!!!

Also my make up went GREAT!

And I wore a pretty dress that wasn’t black and felt like a princess…

I hired out a little hut in a bar and we drank cocktails, talked, watched the football and ate cake. Here’s a few of the pictures (I didn’t take many!)

Here is my beautiful birthday cake made by my cousin Sabrina. If you head over to my Instagram (@megandaniella) you can see all of her details there!

I will post my actual birthday details in part two.


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