Weekly update: 4th-10th July

Hello all,

It’s been a great week.

I’ve done my Monday-Wednesday-Friday runs, but this weekend I’m having a break…


I did 4 miles in 45 minutes. It was one of my slowest paces, I was running with my work running buddy. I’ve decided I think I’m better running alone, I need to learn how to push myself more (it’s a mental challenge rather than pysical) because I know physically I can do it. I stop and slow down a lot and it’s just me giving up on myself to easy, so this week that was something I wanted to combat.

Tuesday: rest day.


Most my runs have been between 10:30-11:00 min/miles, so I pushed a bit harder to get out of this box. I just skimmed under this with an average of 10:29min/mi on my 5km run. It was a bit of a better effort but I thought I could still do better.

Thursday: rest day.

Friday: in total I did a 4.11mile run. But it was split in two as I ran from work to Victoria, had to run an errand and then ran home, there was about 20 mins break between the two runs. I tried my hardest to run for as long as possible without stopping and managed a good first mile and then after that only stopped at traffic or large crowds of people. The first part of my run averaged at 9’43″/mi and the second averaged at 10’10″/mi which I was very pleased at as it was a greater effort from me physically and mentally.

And I achieved my fastest mile recorded thus far…

And then came the weekend…

I’ve decided to give myself the weekend off for two reasons.

1) I’m going on holiday on Monday and I have a lot of prepping to do, waxing, nails, hair, packing etc

2) As I’m away on holiday I won’t be home to celebrate my birthday so I am celebrating with friends!

So at some point next week expect updates on my birthday and holiday as its a wonderful time of year for me!  I will also try and continue my training so watch out for those updates too!

What kind of stuff would you like to hear about over the next week? Shall I share my holiday pics and adventures and birthday celebrations?

Leave me a comment below!


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