Weekly Update: 27th June – 3rd July

Hello again all of my lovely readers,

Firstly I would like to say hello to new followers and a massive thank you to everyone who has a read a post or followed my blog.

So this week hasn’t been great I’ve not managed to do much due to plans but I will talk about what I have done.


I did a 3.11 mile run, the pace was 10’55’/mi. I’m starting to get annoyed at my times cause I’ve had such better 5km runs! Thus far all my runs have ranged from 9’39’/mi – 11’19’/mi which is ok, recently though all my runs have been sitting between 10’30’/mi-11’/mile and I wish it would be more towards 10’/mi. I think it’s due to the amount of times I stop and walk. I’m struggling to improve this pace, over my holiday I think I will attempt to do some interval training in the gym.

Tuesday- Saturday:

It was a busy week and I lost my routine.


I woke up at 6am and left my house 10 minutes later, I ran 5.5miles to my weekend job. I did it in just under an hour. I had run this route the opposite way the Saturday before: you can catch up on that here.

As much as I wasn’t quicker, (slightly slower in fact as I finished the run walking into Starbucks) I felt I ran better and from what I can see on my Nike running app I did run better.

(The top one is the Saturday from the week before and the one on the bottom in from this Sunday’s run.)

I don’t really know what this chart means (if you do, let me know) but greens a good colour and I see much more of that! I didn’t totally stop the entire run, and tried to push myself when I was loosing my way. It was early and I didn’t have to dodge people which was great too.

I think one reason I am struggling is because I’m always running somewhere, I have to have a backpack on and it’s uncomfortable and not best suited or I’m running through a crowded area.

I also need new trainers so if you have any recommendations please let me know.

So it was a busy 7 day week at work for me, rolling into the next week… That’s 12 days straight, but after that I’m celebrating my birthday and going on holiday!

Also…Good week: I passed my driving test, I went for a lovely work meal, the dresses I wanted were on sale and I got the most views on a single blog post, it made me feel great.


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