My favourites: Podcasts


For once I thought I would post something other than a weekly update!

When I walk to and from work or when I run I mostly listen to 1 of 2 things.

It’s either the Hamilton soundtrack (because I can’t get enough of it even when I listen to it on repeat for days!) or a podcast!

So today I’m going to tell you about a few of my favourites…


What it’s about: Relationship advice from Anna Faris and guests. Basically hilarious and often wild chats about Hollywood.

How I got into it: After watching parks and recreation and beginning to discover podcasts I searched for actors I was interested in hearing more from. Aubrey Plaza’s name popped up on unqualified, and as a massive fan of Chris Pratt and Anna Faris too I thought what could be better?!

Why you should listen: I love Anna’s relaxed chat and not so polished set up. I feel like you are sitting round a table with Anna and guests chatting away about life? They deal with real life scenarios and give some good (sometimes questionable) advice and they play some fun games!

Happy sad confused:

What it’s about: Josh Horowitz talks to your favourite celebrities.

How I got into it: Randomly searched for celebrities I like, started listening for people like Anna Kendrick, Gillian Jacobs, and Adam Scott.

Why you should listen: Really good celebrity interviews, it goes in depth into their present and past projects and they analysis films. Josh really knows his stuff so he can lead the talks well. I learn so much more about the celebrities and then I want IMDb everything they have ever done and binge watch it all.

Off camera:

What it’s about: Off Camera with Sam Jones brings you in depth, intimate conversations with some of the most iconic artists.

How I got into it: Another find from my Aubrey Plaza search (obsessed much?). The conversations go deep, they normalise celebrities and gives them a space to describe the positives and negatives of their careers.

Why you should listen: The most interesting celebrity podcast by far, also comes in video form in sections on YouTube. It’s great for a long run or walk as they are the longest out of the 4.

Here’s a short clip from the Kristen Bell interview.


Do any of you listen to podcasts? Which would you recommend?


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