Weekly Update: 20th- 26th June


Howdy 🙂 I had a lovely week and here’s how it went!


Planned to do a 5km run home, but my running partner was sick so we actually only managed running a little part of it before we gave up and just walked and talked. This was annoying because I really wanted to make up for the run I missed on Sunday last week. It was a lovely sunny day though so it was nice to wak around London and appreciate this beautiful city.


Rest day! – obviously still walked everywhere.


My running buddy was on a business trip so I was left to run by myself again, I did 4 miles in 42 minutes. which was a good comfortable pace.


Rest Day!


I didn’t RUN! -oh no! my pattern got messed up! but it was only because it was a friends birthday, so we celebrated!


I did a 5.5 mile run home from my part time job. It’s took me about 59 minutes, and I stopped often due to aches and pains. I need to start doing longer runs as I think I will only see improvements from my other training when I do longer runs!


I did a 1.5hr Strength workout in the gym with a friend, we did a full body workout and I think we did well considering we had eaten so much earlier in the day.

We had been to a lovely riverside restaurant in Kingston upon thames, beautiful views and beautiful food. I wish I lived closer as it would be a great place to run.

I’m preparing for my holiday in 2 weeks time now so my aim is to get a bit more running and gym time in before then. I will still be running on holiday if I can and if not using the gym facilities in the hotel.

How was everyone’s week? Does anyone have any advice in how I can step my training up a notch especially with the summer holidays coming up and loads of events/trips?




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