Weekly update: 13th – 19th June

Hello All,

Here’s how my week went…


I ran home with my buddy, we did 5km in 32 minutes. Steady comfortable pace, we took a different route, that isn’t quite 5km, so i finished the 5km by myself down to the local supermarket to purchase my food shopping for the week.


Rest day!


We did 3.02 miles in 31:40 we were trying to source a new quiet 5km, but damn the city is busy. so we stopped just short. It was an OK run but could have been much better. I’m still keeping a roughly the same pace which is good.


Rest Day!


I ran 3.15 miles in 33 minutes, I was without my running buddy this day but still kept decent time. I had to stop at so many traffic lights, which annoyed me otherwise I would have pushed a little harder for better time.


Did some housework and then went for an hours walk, in the least sensible shoes and ended up with blisters covering my feet top and bottom. I was in so much pain I sat with my feet up the rest of the day.


Due to blistered feet I couldn’t do my long run, I have never experienced blisters like this. Going to give them the day to rest and run again on Monday.

I enjoy my runs home from work, I would like to try and do a bit further now, but I’m still looking for some new routes.

It’s not a very interesting week of training – apologies, but I’m training and that’s the most important thing.





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