Weekly Update: 6th – 12th June

Hello, hello, hello! 🙂

This week I’ve had a nice little routine going on which I hope to continue going forward.


Monday after walking to work, I ran home with my work buddy. We did the same course as last week and did our 5k in 33 minutes. We stopped less and dodged a lot more people on the busy south bank.


Rest Day – Still walked to and from work though!


My Work buddy let me down for today’s run, so I just took the long route running home and managed 4 miles in 45 mins, it was slower pace but was comfortable and I barely stopped.


Rest Day… are you starting to see the pattern yet?


I ran home by myself again, I stopped after 5km though, but did it in 33 mins. I could do so much better if the streets of London weren’t filled with slow walkers.


Saturday I rested, and Sunday I did The Color Run… It was so much fun and I was so happy I did it. I’m thinking about doing another one in September, so if any one wants to join my team, let me know!

Overall was a good running week, was good to have a bit more structure in the week, and running home gave me more free time than I would have if I had gotten home and then went for a run. Unfortunately this week I have felt a little unwell all week but I think I did a good job of fighting through that… I blame the poxy British weather we are having!





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