Weekly Update: 30th May – 5th June

I had a very short week at work this week. With Monday being a bank Holiday and Friday off as a friend was visiting London which you can read all about here.


I really Should have run, I had all day to do it, but as I had a busy weekend I decided to give myself a lazy day.


Back to work, I walked there a back. I ran in the evening, thinking I was safe from the rain. But as soon as I stepped out the door it poured down on me. I should have worn a rain mac but instead was just running in a jumper and got absolutely soaked. I did 3.1 miles in 35 minutes. So not my best but the first time I properly run in a heavy downpour.



I walked to work again (it’s safe to say I do this most days) and then after work I ran home with a friend. We did 3.1 miles together until Vauxhall bridge and then I ran a further mile home. So overall 4.1 miles in 44 minutes. We had to extend our route east a little and run over the millennium bridge and along the Southbank, and due to it being half term there were loads of tourists about which slowed us down a bit.

Thursday & Friday:

I did so much walking as my friend was visiting from Manchester and we had a little London adventure. Read all about that right here.


I spent the afternoon in the gym, I did a good full body workout with a run for a warm up.


I did a 5 mile run, not at my fastest time but I really enjoyed it. The sun was shining on my face and it felt good be outside.I had to circle a bit on my route to end up at my local Tesco to get my weekly food shopping. I finished the day food prepping for the week, having a cheeky pimms at the pub with my mum and helping her with some gardening.


Next Sunday I will be doing my first ever organised running event, the 5k Color Run. I’m hoping we have good weather!




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